Kathleen “Kathy” Sue Hupp

06/20/1953 — 05/25/2022

Kathleen “Kathy” Sue Hupp

Kathleen (Kathy) Sue Hupp was 68 years old and lived in Kennewick, Washington. Kathy passed away at Kadlec Medical Center on May 25, 2022, with her husband and children at her side.

Kathy was born on June 20, 1953 in Flint Michigan to Carolyn and Lee Doser. The family moved to the Pacific Northwest a few years later and lived in various towns including Port Orchard, Washington where she attended High School. Her family included a brother, James (Jimmy), sisters, Barbara, Debbie, Rebecca, and Sandi.

Kathy and Michael Hupp met in Bremerton, Washington in 1974 while Michael was stationed there while in the Navy. They were married in 1976 in Charleston, South Carolina. The children that were lucky enough to have Kathy as a mother were Dale Allen Lakey (aka D.A.) deceased, Jacob Hupp, and Bryeanna Jager and her wonderful son-in-law- Jason Jager.

After her time as a navy wife the family moved to California for 2 years and the then to Tri-Cities in 1980. While raising her family Kathy worked as a manager for the 7-11 (Southland) company and then as the manager of the Orange Julius in the Columbia Center Mall for 20 years. While in this position Kathy had the opportunity to provide many Tri-City teenagers their first job experiences.

Kathy enjoyed shopping for nice clothes, playing slot machines locally and in Reno and Vegas, and most of all being a grandmother to her grandchildren, Ana, Aden, Charlie, and Cylus.

There are no words nor actions that can express what the loss of Kathy means to her family and friends. There is an emptiness that will never be filled; however, we hope with time that the pain may diminish a little. She loved her dogs Hobo and Chewy (even though no one else did).

The world turns a little slower.

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Kathleen “Kathy” Sue Hupp

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  • Wow, it’s been 2 years now. They keep telling me it will get easier, I’m waiting. I wish I had just a little more time with you, I should have seen the signs, but I was afraid to think about the consequences. Life is so empty now without you. Thank you for the greatest years of my life. Me.

    Michael D Hupp
    June 3, 2024
  • @ Mike….
    Not sure if you remember me. I remember all of you.
    It sure broke my heart to see that Kathy has passed on.
    Kathy taught all of us more work ethic than any other boss. But, as tough as she was, she made sure to show us that she actually cared about us.

    I don’t know why7, but I have so many dreams of working at that place. LOL.
    And, as a matter of fact, we ended up partial owners of the OJ/DQ in Spokane for a few years.
    I ran the store, and always asked myself in crazy situations… WWKD? (What would Kathy do?)

    I got notification that you had replied. It was about 10 or more years ago that I spoke to her, and I thanked her for giving me so much knowledge and helped me through some hard times. She always stuck by me, and she let me know when I was slacking. Such a wonderful person.

    28 years ago. I’m almost 45 now.

    I wish you the best, Mike.
    You all meant a lot to several of us.


    November 25, 2023
  • Kent,
    Thank you so very much for your comments.
    It means more than you can know.
    Mike H.

    Michael D Hupp
    October 19, 2023
  • I was talking about you just a couple of days ago. I was rewarded with a high honor at the hospital I currently work for. And nearly 30 years ago, I met you and you gave me a chance at employment. I worked at Orange Julius for several years. You were a great mentor, and taught me a lot about myself, instilled great work ethic in all of us that worked with you. (If you got time to lean, you have time to clean)

    I had no idea you had passed away.

    May you rest in peace and know that there are so many people that are grateful to you for you giving them a chance and being motherly in a way.

    I will never forget you.

    September 26, 2023
  • Kathy, just a quick note to tell you the boys start school this week. They are getting so big and smart. They really are good kids, you would be so proud. I remind them of you often and they say they miss you. My life without you is so empty. I am lucky the boys give me purpose and it is a true labor of love to guide/watch them for school. I wish I could help Brye and Jacob deal with the loss of you, but I have not been very successful with that. I am so sorry I didn’t realize how sick you were the last couple of months, I guess I just tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. I write here because it helps me, no one else probably ever sees it. I miss you and will always be your loving partner. Me.

    Michael D Hupp
    August 26, 2023
  • Happy Birthday my love. You would be 70 today, WOW. I bought you some flowers to put by you. They had no carnations but the flowers I got are nice. I struggle without you. It makes me appreciate how great you were to have as a wife. I was so spoiled, and I miss it/you. Anyway please know how much I will always love you.

    Michael D Hupp
    June 20, 2023
  • Kathy, Happy Mothers Day,
    I miss you so much and so do Brye and Jacob.
    It’s been a terrible long and sad year without you.
    No one reads this guestbook but me and I am surprised it’s maintained here.
    Anyway, we love you so much.
    Love forever,
    Your loving friend and husband,

    Michael D Hupp
    May 14, 2023
  • I want to thank all of you who have written such beautiful words here, those who attended her celebration of life, sent cards and flowers, and most of all those of you who were our companions/family/friends during the last 68 years.

    It’s been 2 weeks now since I lost you and they say it is supposed to get easier. Still waiting.

    Michael D Hupp
    June 12, 2022
  • Mike, our mothers were not just sisters but best friends. This meant that we spent so much time together growing up that we were almost like one big family instead of two. I have so many fond memories of those years. Even though we’ve been apart more than together over the past 50 years, whenever we were together, you and Kathy were always easy to be with. I remember Kathy as a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that the good memories of your life together will help you through this tough time.

    Mark Benigno
    June 4, 2022
    La Habra, California
  • Kathy was my little sister just 18 mos younger and the best sister anyone could have had! She was a tough Chica with a caring heart and a very strong sense of family.
    We were each others playmates for many years. Oh the stuff we did and survived!
    We were united in support of each other and our younger sisters as we navigated through a different childhood.
    We shared in the joys and heartbreaks of raising families.though both of us very young..
    She was always” well put together” She loved shopping for clothes or my favotite junk shops!.
    Mike Hupp was her great love and she shared this with me many times.
    She will be forever in my heart with some crazy memories to boot. RIP little sister, Debbie

    Debbie Rennick
    June 3, 2022
  • Sorry for your loss Mike at this time I know you’re going through many emotions so you have to be strong eventually things do get better heritage 83 I have lost 11 brothers and sisters including your mother and my mom and dad and two of my own kids so I know the emotionsKeep your family close and please keep in touch we love you compass God bless.

    Phil Wood
    June 3, 2022
    Hesperia CA
  • Mike, Sending prayers to you and your family.

    Patty Pechin

    Patricia Pechin
    June 2, 2022
  • Mike, this is your cousin Tina. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife Kathy. Your grief must be unbearable right now & I am truly sorry for that. I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you in these difficult times. You know my dad told me after my mom passed away that his sister, my Aunt Jeannie welcomed her at the pearly gates, the gateway to heaven. I wonder who met Kathy?
    Rest in Peace Kathy. Love Tina

    Tina Benigno Hall
    June 1, 2022
    8942 Jefferson Drive Buena Park Ca 90620
  • Beautifully written Mike and I’m so sorry for your loss. I will always be thankful for the time you both lived in Southern California. Christmas 1979 was a great time You & Kathy & the kids, Me I just had Eric, Your Mom, My Mom, Dan, Suzi, Denise, & Vern. Joe must have stayed up north. Kathy was a ball of fun!!! easy to talk to even after years of being apart I always felt like I saw her last week. Rest in Peace Kathy until we meet again. Love Debbie

    Debbie Benigno Fogle
    June 1, 2022
    Garden Grove, California
  • We had alot of fun, and we had a lot of heart break. You are the best friend/sister anyone can have. I will never forget. Love you so much

    Leota McPeek
    June 1, 2022
  • Mike, sorry for your loss. The whole Hupp family holds a special place for me and though we have not seen each other for decades I have those great memories of growing up with the Hupps.

    Terry Davis
    June 1, 2022
    Los Angeles, Ca.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much all of you loved Kathy. Even though over the years we didn’t get to spend much time together, she was always so nice to me and a joy to be around, and will be missed. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

    John Fialkovich
    June 1, 2022
    Richland, WA
  • My heart is one with your Joe & both families. May God be with you all as you go through each new day & give you blessings that are new each day!
    With love, Dixie Helberg

    Dixie Helberg
    June 1, 2022
    Orland, CA
  • Dear Mike,
    So sorry for your loss.. May you tuck the joy and love you shared in your heart so in times of sorrow you might find comfort..

    Lori Holland
    June 1, 2022
    Los Barriles, BJS
  • To my family. The loss of our Kathy will always be remembered but as sad as it might be keep in mind the love she gave us all. Yes she might have pissed a few of us off at times but in our hearts we know she was a loving and caring person. Life is a crap shoot, but her game was more like a one arm bandit looking for riches to spend on family. I will always remember her love for everyone , but most importantly the winning Keno numbers she only gave to me LOL

    Joe Hupp
    June 1, 2022
    Los Barriles Mexico
  • Kathy’s birthday was actually 6/20 1953 not 1963, There is now an emptiness I cannot see or explain but I feel it. I want everyone to know how special Kathy was; but I lack the ability to express it properly. I also want to thank all of you who have shared in our life experiences together. We have so many good memories (trips, parties, birthdays, etc.) to recall. Kathy was strong, kind, giving, and beautiful. Above all she loved being a grandmother and mother. I miss her so much.

    Michael Hupp
    May 31, 2022
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