Sunset Gardens

Rachel McKune

Transfer Technician

I grew up with a loving grandmother and a very hard-working father. They both influenced me to be the best human I could be, for myself and others. They also encouraged me to work my hardest, through any struggle, and to make the best of every situation.
I got put into the foster system and decided that at age 16, I was going to get emancipated and take on the world as an adult.

I worked in the medical field as a CNA for Alzheimer’s and dementia for 5 years before obtaining my EMT certification. I dabbled in security for a little while, mostly working with youth in need. In the process of all of this, I had dreams of becoming a tattooist. I am now pursuing that, alongside working here at the funeral home. (Who knows, I may pursue something that fits into the funeral home, too!) I’m very ambitious!

Any free time I have, I always try to spend it with my sweet 7-year-old boy. We like to explore nature, build things together, and play music!

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Sunset Gardens

A place for celebrating the memories of your loved one for years to come.

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