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Ryan Grant

Advance Planning Specialist

Ryan grew up in eastern Oregon, spending most of his childhood traveling around Oregon and Washington, fishing with his Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters or playing football, basketball or running track. After high school, Ryan moved over to the west side of the state. He went to the University of Oregon in Eugene, then moved to Beaverton where stayed for nearly 20 years. He eventually relocated to Chandler, AZ to be closer to his father-in-law to help him out while he was dealing with some health issues. After a few visits to the Tri-Cities to visit family, he and his wife decided to relocate once more so that his son could live closer to his family. They’ve been in the Tri-Cities area for a few months now and really enjoy it! He and his family really love to get out and travel, exploring new things and places. His son, Keaton, is 6 years old and enjoys playing soccer and football – keeping the whole family busy!
Ryan has been working in sales for 24 years and has always enjoyed working with people. He never thought he would end up working at a funeral home, but he really loved the idea of helping families through a difficult time. He thoroughly enjoys working at Sunset Gardens and has had a wonderful experience getting to know his helpful co-workers. Ryan’s excited to continue learning while helping families in any way he can to make their experience here a better one.

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