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Making The Ultimate Sacrifice

Did you know? Veterans are entitled to burial benefits at a private cemetery.

Some Veterans benefits may include a Government headstone, marker or medallion, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, ALL at no cost to you or your family. Additionally, some Veterans may be eligible for Burial Allowances.

What Sunset Can Do For You

Sunset Gardens has veterans burial benefits forms on file. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you to complete these forms to help you maximize your veterans benefits at Sunset Gardens.

Please call Sunset Gardens at 509-943-0803 to learn more.

Curious about what the National Cemetery Administration recommends when preparing for burial in a private cemetery?

Burial in a Private Cemetery

You may want to ask the following questions when preparing for burial in a private cemetery:

  • When responding to an offer of a “free” gravesite for Veterans, ask if there is a requirement to purchase an additional gravesite.
  • If an additional gravesite is required, where will it be located and what is the cost?
  • What type of trust fund does the cemetery have to protect buyers?
  • Ask if there are restrictions on the type of headstone or marker that can be used to mark the grave.
  • Does the cemetery require a special marker base to be purchased prior to ordering a free government marker for a Veteran’s grave?
  • Is there an additional cost for the placement, setting or care of a free government headstone or marker?
  • Is it more than if a private headstone or marker is purchased?
  • Is an outside container (usually called a “vault” or “grave liner”) required and how much does it cost?
  • Know what you are receiving and what is required by the company and have them put it in writing prior to burial.

We suggest that if burial will be in a private cemetery and a Government headstone or marker or medallion will be requested for the Veteran’s grave, that the family complete, in advance, one of the following forms and place it with the Veteran’s military discharge papers for use at the time of need:

  • Claim for Standard Government Headstone or Marker
  • Claim for Government Medallion for Placement in a Private Cemetery
  • Only an eligible Veteran may receive a Government-furnished headstone or marker or medallion for placement in a private cemetery.
  • Veteran’s spouses and dependent children are not eligible.

Veteran’s Benefits

If you or your loved one are a veteran there may be benefits available for burial including: – Governmental headstones – Burial flags – Presidential memorial certificates

These benefits are at no cost to you or the family. Some Veterans may also be eligible for Burial Allowances.

Veteran’s Resources

VA-NCA-IS-1 Interments in VA National Cemeteries

Claim for Standard Government Headstone or Marker 

Claim for Government Medallion for Placement in a Private Cemetery

Veterans Plaza

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Why We Love Our Vets

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Janna Clark, Pasco, WA

You were very helpful and professional. Would recommend you to anyone! Thank you.

Matthew Watrous, Richland, WA

The entire staff went above and beyond my expectations! They were genuine, sincere, and caring while still remaining completely professional!

Karla Woodruff, West Richland, WA

We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and how helpful all the staff was. It made a hart time much easier and we were so satisfied with everything. Very impressed with Einan's!

Daniel Cassidy, Long Beach, CA

The arrangement conference was incredible. The staff made every effort to make us comfortable. We received superior customer service at Einan's! It felt like we had known them forever, like family. Also, the grounds and facility were beyond beautiful.

Robert Rust, West Richland, WA

We would like to thank Einan's entire staff for their attitude, warmth, and great caring during the time of my wife's passing. You were all great to work with.

Kathy Whithurst, Pasco, WA

My daughter and I have been back in a number of times and we have found the staff very helpful. Everyone was easy to work with and they put my family first! Thank you for making a difficult time easier.

Kim McCarthy, Sequim, WA

Our experience with you was wonderful and comforting. Thank you for your compassion. The staff there is amazing!  

Susan Steele, Moscow, ID

The staff was so kind, went out of their way to make our experience bearable...and we lacked for nothing. Thank you!

Denise Benham, Kennewick, WA

Your service to our family was really great! My mom and I came in without an appointment 2 weeks prior to my stepfather's death. Sherry was amazing and very sensitive. Every time we met with her she provided fantastic service and was very compassionate. Your business...

Anita Belcher, Richland, WA

On the two occasions we have needed to use your services, all your staff was very nice and easy to work with. Thank you.

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