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Our team at Einan’s is committed to being creative, innovative, and compassionate in meeting the needs of our families. Our forward-looking and open-minded Einan’s staff provide a positive environment for our guests. Caring for families through one of the most difficult times in their lives is a privilege and an honor that we take to heart. We strive for excellence in all we say and do, and hope our level of care and customer service exceed your expectations. We care about the community we serve, which is why when you come to Einan’s at Sunset, we treat your family like OUR family.


Ben Sprueill

Lead Transfer Technician

Hello, My name is Ben. I joined Einan's in 2019. My wife and I and our kids relocated to the Tri-Cities in 2018. We have 6 kids total and love spending time with them. We moved here from Texas where I worked in the Engineering business designing offshore platforms.

Sprueill Ben

Tracy Goetz

Co-Lead Transfer Technician and Fleet Management

Hello, my name is Tracy. I joined Einan's in May of 2021. I was born and raised in Southern California. My husband and I moved to Washington to raise our kids in a better environment.


Tiffany Loving

Event Center Manager and Transfer Technician

Tiffany is a lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities. She has spent over 20 years in the retail management and customer service industries.

Event Center Tiffany Loving 2

Michael Eller

Transfer Technician

Hello, my name is Michael. I joined Einan’s in 2019. My number one job on this planet is being a dad to our four boys and a husband to my wife Wendy. Everything else is a means to do those jobs better.


Daniel Hulse

Transfer Technician

Hello,  my name is Daniel. I joined Einan's in 2020. I grew up outside of small-town Prosser but live in Richland with my wife and three daughters.

Daniel Hulse

Wendy Eller

Transfer Technician

Hello, my name is Wendy. I joined Einan’s in 2020. I am a transplant from Idaho coming to Washington for a job and was blessed with a husband out of the deal.


Stephanie Sprueill

Transfer Technician

Hello, My name is Stephanie. I joined Einan's in 2020. My husband and I and our kids relocated to the Tri-Cities in 2018. We have 6 kids total and love spending time with them.

Stephanie Sprueill

Cassandra Standley

Event Coordinator and Transfer Technician

I was born in a small town in Oregon and came from a family of loggers. I spent my childhood outdoors going to work with my father, when he was logging, hunting and fishing.

Sydney Boswell

Transfer Technician

I'm incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of Einan's transfer team! I've lived in the Tri-Cities most of my life but I've also spent some time in the Seattle area, Minnesota and West Virginia.

Transfer Tech Team Sydney

Tanya Robirts

Transfer Technician

My name is Tanya Robirts and I have lived in the Tri-Cities my entire life. I have been married 36 years, have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I had a daycare for 8 years before shifting to work in the medical field.


Nicolette “Nikki” Cronauer

Transfer Technician

My name is Nikki and I’ve been in the Tri-Cities going on 2 years now. I grew up in North Carolina but moved here after my husband got out of the army. During my free time, I love reading, playing pc games, and watching hockey. I have a dog and a cat and love to spend time playing with them as well.

Rachel McKune

Transfer Technician

I grew up with a loving grandmother and a very hard-working father. They both influenced me to be the best human I could be, for myself and others. They also encouraged me to work my hardest, through any struggle, and to make the best of every situation. I got put...

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