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Ease the burden on your loved ones by beginning the Pre-Planning process today. Pre-Planning offers numerous advantages including favorable financial terms.

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Peter Drucker

What is Pre-Planning?

Pre-planning before the need arises is a sound economic decision that relieves your loved ones of the financial burden during a time of loss. With pre-planning, individuals feel reassured that the funeral will reflect their wishes and that important financial decisions will not be made during a time of stress.

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Who Should Pre-Plan?

We recommend Pre-Planning for everyone. Most people tell us they think it is a good idea. We agree.  Our staff wants to make it easy to talk about and easy to take care of.

Why Pre-Plan?

Why Pre-Plan?

We recommend Pre-Planning before the need arises, because it is the responsible thing to do. Allievieting decisons and paying in advance is the best gift you can give your loved ones.

When to Pre-Plan?

When Should I Pre-Plan?

You should Pre-Plan before the need arises. No one should have to make final decisions and worry about finances on the worst day of their lives.  Planning today avoids conflict in the future.  

Pre-Planning Benefits

  • Emotional Comfort: Take control and know that your wishes are being fulfilled.
  • Eliminate guess work for your family.
  • Personalize your service.
  • Control costs of your final farewell and protect your family from financial stress.
  • Ensure that personal records are organized and accessible for your survivors to locate.


Start the Conversation

At Einan’s we guide families through the process of developing a plan that respects wishes, yet still gives families a place to explore their emotions while creating a meaningful celebration of life before the need arises.

Let us know a little bit about you, and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I Want Cremation, Can I Pre-Plan My Service And Cemetery Placement?
Sunset Gardens and Einan’s at Sunset offers a wide array of options for memorializing and commemorating those who have chosen cremation within a variety of beautiful settings. Our Advance Planning Specialists are happy to help you make the right selection now, before the need arises.

Cremation allows for many of the same offerings as burial only with a longer timeline. A traditional public viewing or funeral can be held before cremation. After cremation a memorial or Celebration of Life service can follow. The urn can be present or not, depending on your wishes.

Afterwards, placement of the urn either via in-ground burial or in a wall niche can take place accompanied by a graveside inurnment ceremony. Some families like to utilize balloon releases or dove releases at the end of the graveside ceremony. A catered reception can follow directly afterwards, with wine and beer if desired.

What If I Want To Scatter And My Family Wants A Permanent Place To Remember?
You may direct that your ashes be divided to allow permanent placement of a portion, scattering of a portion and provide keepsake portions for family members. Small portions may be added to keepsake jewelry, small portion urns or secured in any way you wish. We also offer a premium scattering garden location specifically designed as a permanent form of scattering.
If I Am Cremated Do I Have To Buy A Casket?
No, you are not required to purchase a casket. However, there is a Washington state law requirement for a full body encasement, referred to as a cremation container. The purpose of this container is to ensure the health and safety of staff and to protect the dignity of the person we are caring for.

For those who may wish to have a public viewing we have a variety of cremation containers that are suitable for presentation as well. Another option for viewing prior to cremation is use of a rental casket. Please ask your Advance Planning Specialist for more information.

More Information On Funeral Costs

What Do You Charge For Pre-Planning A Service?
At Sunset Gardens and Einan’s at Sunset, we offer our pre-planning services at no cost or obligation to you. Our Advanced Planning Specialists are available to guide you through your options.
Do I Have To Make An Appointment To Tour Your Properties?
Sunset Gardens and our historic Resthaven Cemetery are open to visitors every day of the year. We welcome you to visit us any day of the week. To get specific location information on individuals in our cemeteries, to set up a pre-planning appointment, to discuss markers or headstones or for a guided tour of our cemeteries, we invite you to call and make an appointment. Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we are available on weekends by appointment.

When you visit us, please observe the cemetery speed limit of 15 mph. Also, please do not drive past an outdoor service in progress. There are two roads around every garden, so you can easily access all areas of the park even when you take a detour to avoid passing by a service.

Thank you for respecting our cemetery and the families we serve.

What Are The Costs?
At Sunset Gardens and Einan’s at Sunset, we offer our pre-planning services at no cost or obligation to you. Our Advance Planning Specialists help guide you through your options, answer your questions and help you to be prepared.

For property in the cemetery, prices vary. It will depend on the type of property selected, the location within the cemetery and the type of celebration you prefer.

One important benefit to planning ahead, is that you secure today’s prices and protect your family against inflation and overspending. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of flexible zero percent financing terms. We offer a range of flexible and convenient payment plans. Our Advance Planning Specialists are happy to discuss pricing and financing with you in further detail.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Yes, we offer a range of flexible and convenient payment plans, including zero interest payment plans. Our Advanced Planning Specialists will be happy to go over any payment plan and financing options with you as part of our no-cost, no-obligation pre-planning services.
Will My Family Be Billed To Maintain My Property?
No. All the costs of maintaining the gardens and your memorial property, including landscaping, physical structures and roadways, are covered by the Endowment Care Fund. All property owners contribute to the Endowment Care Fund once at the time of purchase.
If I’m Considering Cremation, Should I Still Plan Ahead?
Yes. Planning ahead for the placement and memorialization of a loved one who has chosen cremation provides the same financial and emotional advantages.

In Washington, state law requires a majority rule of next of kin relatives to authorize a cremation. By pre-authorizing for your own cremation, it means that cremation can take place with just one signature from your legal next of kin, rather than the majority.

Please contact us at (509) 943-0803 to schedule your no-cost consultation.

I’m Interested In Pre-Planning For Multiple Family Members. Do You Have Property To Accomodate More Than One Person?
Yes. We offer a wide range of options that can accommodate multiple family members. These include:

  • Private family cremation and casket estates for two or more
  • Premium waterfront Niche and
  • Boulder Estates
  • Waterfront scattering gardens
  • Private family columbariums
  • Glass Front Niches
  • Veterans’ Garden
Looking For Something Unique Or Wanting To Create Your Own Estate?
Ask an Advance Planning Specialist about creating your own private estate in one of our exclusive locations designated specifically for that purpose. While every location at Sunset Gardens offers serene beauty, we do have a range of exceptional private settings for families seeking more seclusion.

For more information, please visit our memorial properties at Sunset Gardens.

How Can I Learn More About Planning Ahead?
The staff at Sunset Gardens is committed to providing prompt responses to inquiries from our community. For your added convenience, you may also request a free ***informational packet with no obligation.*** Of course, you can reach us by phone as well at **(509) 943-0803**.

We look forward to serving you.

Pre-Planning Cremation: A Legal Benefit
In Washington, state law requires a majority rule of next of kin relatives to authorize a cremation. You may wonder how next of kin is determined in Washington and who your legal next of kin is.

According to Washington State RCW 68.50.160, the Next of Kin with the legal right to control disposition is (in order):

  1. The surviving spouse or state registered domestic partner;
  2. The majority of the surviving adult children of the decedent;
  3. The surviving parents of the decedent;
  4. The majority of the surviving siblings of the decedent;
  5. A court-appointed guardian for the person at the time of the person’s death.

As you can see above, for a person with several next of kin relatives, arranging for cremation can get complicated.  However, if you pre-authorize for your own cremation, cremation can take place with just one signature from one legal next of kin, rather than the majority as detailed above.

Our Loved One Died A While Ago, But We Still Have The Urn At Home. Can We Still Arrange A Cemetery Placement?
Yes, even if your loved one died some time ago or was cared for by another funeral home we would be glad to help you select a permanent place of remembrance. For cremation we offer both in-ground burial or columbarium wall niche spaces.
We Scattered My Loved One’s Cremated Remains. Can I Still Arrange A Memorial At The Cemetery?
Yes, we regularly serve families who scattered all of a loved one’s cremated remains. We offer memorial plaques at different locations throughout the cemetery that lists your loved one’s name and information on it. It gives your family a permanent place to honor and remember your loved one.

About our memorial plaques, an actual family we served summed it up best:

“With cremation, people don’t always know how to handle it. If you did have ashes scattered, you could still have your name someplace. My husband always said, ‘We want to make a mark on this world.’ We want to have a mark somewhere. It’s great that they can do it that way.”

How Can I Learn More About Planning Ahead?
The staff at Sunset Gardens is committed to answering all your questions. For your added convenience, you may also request a free informational packet with no obligation. Of course, you can reach us by phone as well at (509) 943-0803. We look forward to serving you.
When Comparing Service, Landscape, Endowment Care And Available Placement Options Between Cemeteries It Is Important To Ask Your Cemetery Director:
  • Are you planning future expansion and features throughout the cemetery?
  • Do you allow placements on weekends and holidays?
  • What are your weekend and holiday overtime fees?
  • Do you allow granite headstones in your cemetery?
  • Is your cemetery nonprofit or for profit?
  • How do you reinvest in your cemetery?
  • What is included in your interment service fees?
  • Do you make arrangements with civic and fraternal organizations for graveside services?
  • Do you allow second rites of interment?
  • Do you manufacture your own burial vaults or are they provided by a third party?
  • What have you done with previous families to personalize their cemetery experience?
  • Do you have a celebrant on staff?
  • How do you accommodate my cultural and or religious preferences?

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