Questions to Consider


There is much to consider when a loss occurs, what follows will help you prepare you for what's to come

When comparing service, landscape, endowment care and available placement options between cemeteries it is important to make sure you compare apples to apples. The following are a list of suggested questions to ask the cemetery director.

  • Are you planning future expansion and features throughout the cemetery?
  • Do you allow placements on weekends and holidays?
  • What are your Weekend and Holiday overtime fees?
  • Do you allow granite headstones in your cemetery?
  • Is your cemetery for profit or nonprofit?
  • How do you reinvest in your cemetery?
  • What is included in your interment service fees?
  • Do you make arrangements with civic and fraternal organizations for graveside services?
  • Do you allow second rites of interment?
  • Do you manufacture your own burial vaults or are they provided by a third party?
  • What have you done with previous families to personalize their cemetery experience?
  • Do you have a celebrant on staff?
  • How do you accommodate my cultural and/or religious preferences?