Questions to Consider

When talking to a funeral home

Sunset Family

There is much to consider when a loss occurs, what follows will help you prepare you for what's to come

When comparing service and merchandise prices between funeral homes it is important to make sure you compare apples to apples. The following are a list of suggested questions to ask.

  • If the funeral home provides packages, what exactly is included?
  • What doesn’t the package include? Are there other fees that are required to make that package complete?
  • When choosing cremation does the package include a cremation fee?
  • For burial or cremation, does the package include merchandise such as casket, cremation container or urn?
  • Does the package include flowers or stationary?
  • Does the package include the usage of facilities for a reception or gathering?
  • Is food included in the package?
  • Are you able to handle all aspects of the arrangement and service in one location?
  • Do you charge extra for after hour visitation, services or weekend services?
  • Do you charge extra for bringing my loved one back in to your care after hours?
  • How far will you travel for services and/or bringing my loved one back into your care before additional charges occur?
  • Do you have a celebrant on staff?
  • Does the funeral home make contact or arrange: personal records and development of obituaries, set up and organization of military honors, music and celebrant arrangements, floral tributes, grief support, and equipment operation on the day of service, catering and 24/7 one on one support?
  • Does the funeral home have its own crematory?
  • What do you charge for transportation vehicles?
  • How do you accommodate my cultural and/or religious preferences?