See what families have to say about Einan's.Here at Sunset Gardens, we are honored to serve you and your family.

See what families have to say about Einan's.

Here at Sunset Gardens, we are honored to serve you and your family.

  • Amazing, helpful and sympathic...

    My daughter had always talked about how pretty and quiet the cemetery was at Sunset Gardens.  Brittany was truly amazing and helpful and sympathetic to our entire family at this sad time.

    — Bev

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  • Made our tough time a little easier...

    Thank you for the excellence of making this as easy as possible during the biggest loss of my life.  It couldn't have been better.

    — Jim

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  • Planning ahead is the way to go!

    I'm very grateful that Steve and I did much of the planning back in 2013.

    — Jean

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  • From the bottom of my heart...

    You did a wonderful job with my dear Paula's funeral.  Everything was perfect.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    — Jim

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  • Compassion, patience, sincerity...

    Our family recently lost our loving brother. Holley was with us from the beginning of our mournful time. The four of us siblings were placed in charge of taking care of all of his arrangements, his deat...

    — Laura G.Roth- Kennewick, WA

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  • The Event Center is spectacular...

    I have been at the Event Center twice, once two years ago for an "Awake Wake" for a high-school teacher of mine, turning 85, who decided to host her own "funeral." She wanted to say to her friends and loved...

    — Barbara Nelson, Cocoa Beach, FL

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  • Love, gentleness and compassion...

    This time in my life would have been really hard without Einan's. How can I describe the care Ron and staff gave to me during this difficult time? From the time they came into our home to the tim...

    — Jean L. Cleary

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  • The bagpipes brought tears to our eyes...

    I wanted to thank you for the DVD for my Dad's memorial service. We watched it Thursday night and and couldn't figure out what happened to the music in the middle. Then we heard the bagpipes. It brought tea...

    — Mikkel Lantz

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  • Kind, respectful service...

    The staff at Einan's at Sunset were very kind, respectful and provided us a level of service that exceeded our expectations!

    — Anonymous

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  • Einan's went above and beyond...

    Our family was very pleased with all staff and services at Einan's. While we were dealing with the loss of our mother, Einan's was patient, courteous and respectful throughout the whole process. They really we...

    — Anonymous

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  • So pleased...

    I was very pleased with the level of service provided to me and my family during our time of need. I wouldn't hesitate recommending their services to friends and family should they need it.

    — Val Ballard

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  • Helpful and Professional

    Holley and staff were so helpful and professional. Thank you so very much. Your efforts made the process less painful.

    — Chris Hopkins

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  • Excellent service...

    Thank you for excellent service and kindness from your whole staff.

    — Sharon

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  • Your team was awesome...

    Thank you-Amazing job.  You all made things a lot easier. Thank you for making a very difficult "worse day of your life" type of day much easier.  Your compassion, kindness and tenderness was greatly appreci...

    — Leona

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  • Outstanding service and reception...

    The funeral service for my mother and refreshments following were outstanding.

    — Duke

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  • Our deepest thanks...

    Our deepest thanks and appreciation to Colleen who really helped Ron with all the last minute arrangements, program, book, etc.  Thank you everyone!

    — Ron and Debbie

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  • Everything I expected and more!

    The services provided by Einan's was everything I expected and more. They were very kind, courteous, prompt and respectful. I would definitely recommend Einan's to any of my family and friends.

    — Rodney Best

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  • Easier than expected...

    Thank you for your excellent service! You made a difficult time a lot easier than expected.

    — Kimberly Peterson

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  • Caring staff...

    Thanks to everyone! A hard time made more bearable by your attention to details and caring staff.

    — Susan Merkley

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  • Excellent graveside service...

    Ron did an excellent job of lining everything up and managing all the details during the graveside service. Thank you.

    — Dave

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  • No pressure!!

    I liked that the staff didn't push me to do things differently. Thank you.

    — Mary Ellen

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  • Pleased with services, options, staff...

    We were given many options. We were pleased with the services provided and the professionalism of the staff.

    — Jerry Bowden

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  • Wonderfully compassionate...

    The compassion we received was so wonderful! They made a very painful situation more bearable. God bless you and your staff!

    — Lyle and Carolyn

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  • Everyone professional and kind..

    Everyone and everything was as expected, professional and kind!

    — Amy

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  • Very Pleased...

    I'm very pleased with the help and service we received at Einan's; staff was just wonderful to us and so very helpful. Thank you all!

    — Dixie

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  • Forever in Our Hearts...

    Your office staff were very kind during this time of loss in our lives. Your kindness will forever remain in our hearts. Thank you; awesome job.

    — Karen

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  • Everything was perfect!

    You did a great job. Everything was perfect!

    — Gayle

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  • Lovely funeral, excellent...

    Thank you for your assistance with our mother's funeral arrangements. The Campbell family wishes to commend you on an excellent job getting her from Washington to Arkansas. We had a lovely funeral there and ev...

    — JoAnn Cecil

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  • Awesome job...

    So proud of the great job they do at Sunset Memorial Gardens and Memories at Sunset Event Center. You are all so Awesome!!

    — Dawna Buckingham

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  • Sunset Gardens is heartwarming and beautiful...

    Was down there this morning. Always so heartwarming and beautiful.

    — Alicia Delay

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  • Everyone was Amazing...

    Just wanted to thank you for being so kind and professional during our tough week. Everyone was amazing. Thank you.

    — The Harold Fetzer Family

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  • Superb kindness...

    Thanks for your superb professionalism and kindness and caring throughout the entire process. Truly appreciate it.

    — Paul Pak

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  • Love, love, loved everything...

    We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for your attentive and thoughtful service. The one stop shopping was an immense relief to our family at such a stressful time. We love, love, loved the vide...

    — The Family of Ted Johnson

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  • Above and Beyond Expectations...

    Thank you again for taking such great care of us during this hard time. You and your team at Einan's went above and beyond our expectations. We especially enjoyed the word searches you made in honor of our mom...

    — Jill McElroy-Heaton

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  • Wonderful, Keep it up...

    Over all you guys'n gals were wonderful, thnx for all your help! Keep doing what you're doing, we all were as comfortable as possible considering a death in the family! Thnx again!

    — Donald MacDonald

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  • Don't Change; It's Outstanding...

    Do not change a thing, it's outstanding.

    — J. Tedpahogo

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  • Everyone was great...

    Thank you. Everyone was great. Very sympathetic, respectful and helpful.

    — S. Selle

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  • From the bottom of our hearts...

    Although we expressed our pleasure in working with Holley and all staff at Einan's throughout our contacts, this communication does not sufficiently relate our deep appreciation for the entire process from pre...

    — Carma Ragan

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  • Everyone very helpful...

    Everyone has been very helpful and made everything go smoothly.

    — Sally Grosclaude

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  • We truly appreciate all of you...

    Thank you - all of you - for all of your help and support in arranging for my daughter, Kerri's funeral and memorial. You went out of your way to make it happen and were patient with us when family logistics p...

    — Sue Cantrell

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  • Einan's Made It Easier...

    I greatly appreciated the respectfulness of your staff and dignity they bestowed on my mom when they picked her up from my home. Very trying time and they made it easier.

    — Ellen Leliefield

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  • Appreciated the options...

    Very helpful and presented all the options in a courteous fashion.

    — Teri Warner

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  • Considerate and Understanding...

    I thought your staff was very considerate and understanding. Thank you.

    — Loman Lyle

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  • Helping me heal...

    Thank you for the compassionate services you provided. The knowledge that my mom's memory was honored is helping with my healing.

    — God's Peace, Chris Janos                                                                                                    

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  • Very Gracious...

    Even when I called to add something to the obituary the staff did not mind - Very gracious.

    — Ollie Stolte

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  • Glad we planned ahead...

    All arrangements were taken care of through Fore Thought which was very helpful.

    — Eunice Hutton

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  • A Positive Experience...

    It was a positive experience, during a very difficult time.

    — Veronica Bliss

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  • You Were Awesome...

    You all were awesome to myself and sons. All questions, concerns were answered, addressed. Thanks so much!

    — Elaine Rahmig

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  • Above and Beyond...

    The event coordinator at the Event Center went above and beyond - took many pictures of family, cut cake, worked on video show issues in advance, used her own laptop, etc.

    — Linda Inions

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  • So caring and professional...

    Everyone involved with helping us was caring and professional, on the phone, in our home, and at the funeral home. We could not have asked for better service.

    — Nancy Wittman

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  • Excellent Service and Care...

    Thank you to Ron and staff for excellent service and care!

    — Sharon McDaniel

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  • Outstanding Job...

    You did an outstanding job. We really appreciated everything you did to make this the least painful as possible.

    — Charlee Parker

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  • Wonderful atmosphere...

    You have all been wonderful. Event Center is lovely and a wonderful atmosphere for family at this time. Thank you so much each of you.

    — Jane Lohdefinck

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  • Respectful of our wishes...

    Holley was very helpful and respectful of our wishes.

    — Lori Joyce, West Richland

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  • Couldn't have been better...

    Our meeting with your staff couldn't have been better during a most difficult time. If our family lived in the area we certainly would have chosen Einan's for our forever home.

    — Lois Price

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  • Thank you for being there...

    Thank you for being there when we needed your services!

    — Carol Cornell

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  • Treated with love and respect...

    We had pretty much predetermined what we wanted and the staff was helpful with our wishes.We were treated with love and respect and all of us greatly appreciated that - Thank you.

    — Harvey Huston, Pasco, WA

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  • Wonderful, caring and helpful...

    Jamie did wonderful and was very caring and helpful!

    — Linda Robertson

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  • All very caring...

    You all were very caring and helpful. Thank you.

    — Giny Rieck

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  • Help during a difficult time...

    Thanks for all your help during a difficult time!

    — Brenda Atencio

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  • Pleased, Amazing, Absolutely superb...

    I was very pleased with the whole service, the venue and the amazing display. The staff was absolutely superb.

    — Janet Percifield

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  • Best service ever...

    Best service ever.

    — Jon Keso

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  • Everything handled well...

    Thank you for the great service, attention to detail and kindness to our family after our mother's passing. Everything was handled well - even water at the gravesite.

    — Louise Graversen

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  • Great personal effort...

    Keep up the great and personal effort. Thanks.

    — Jim Bixler

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  • Truly appreciated...

    Everything was excellent - High level of quality and integrity and honesty. Truly appreciated.

    — Nick Stuart

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  • Compassionate and helpful...

    All of your staff was very compassionate and helpful.

    — Patty Armstrong, Richland, WA

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  • We could focus on family...

    We want to thank you for your help with the preparation for our Uncle Joe's funeral. Thank you for guiding us through the process of designing the church program and prayer card and for all of the "behind the ...

    — Barb Lauby, Pasco WA

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  • Welcoming Attitude

    Appreciate the kindness, thoroughness and welcoming attitude.

    — Cathryn Hodgin, Kennewick, WA

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  • Thank you for helping transport...

    I used Einan's for both my husband and my mom. Einan's has been very helpful. Thank you for helping transport remains to the State of Texas.

    — Sally Giller, West Richland, WA

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  • Difficult time made easier

    A difficult time made easier. Thank you.

    — Philip Ernest, Kennewick, WA

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  • Beautiful memorial...

    The people that we worked with at Einan's at Sunset were simply wonderful. It was a really hard time and they helped us at every turn, kept their promises and made this a beautiful memorial for our uncle. Than...

    — Shane and Linda Richardson, Monroe, WA

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  • My life, My world...

    Everyone at Einan's has been very kind, patient, understanding, and caring through this whole ordeal. I sincerely appreciate it. My husband was my life, my world. Thank you for all your kindness.

    — Danielle

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  • Very Helpful and Comforting...

    During the most difficult time of my life your staff was very helpful and comforting.

    — Teri Wilcox, Richland

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  • Our family and the care we received...

    Our family was very satisfied with all the services and customer care we received. Thank you!

    — Jennifer Scalley, Bend, OR

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  • Staff's thoughtful consideration...

    Thank you - I appreciated all your staff's thoughtful consideration of the difficult time. Everyone was extremely nice.

    — Marnie Spriggle, Kennewick WA

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  • Could not have been better...

    Handled very well - very professional - compassionate. Couldn't have been better. Even took time at a very low cost to take mom to Odessa!

    — Linda Proctor, Kennewick, WA

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  • Exceptional staff, facility and grounds...

    The staff and the facility/grounds are all exceptional! It's so beautiful there. Laura made us feel loved and very card for. We are so thankful for all you at Einan's.

    — The Stokes Family, Camano Island, WA

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  • Appreciate your kindness...

     It's never easy, but appreciate your kindness.

    — Eileen Shaw, Richland, WA

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  • Better than the competition...

    Your people (employees) were great! Take 1,000 of them, they make your business work and better than the competition! Well done! Keep it up!

    — Richard Harrington, Richland, WA

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  • Final Farewell

    We did a simple cremation, no extras, except for seeing him one last time. Your staff was fine. There was no pressure put upon us.

    — Janice Riker, Mattawa, WA

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  • So Helpful

    Everyone was helpful and we appreciated all your help when we had to move the service inside due to weather.

    — Paula Heinzerling, Cul De Sac, ID

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  • Made things easier...

    Your staff was very helpful and professional and made things easier. Thank you!

    — Laura Pedersen, West Richland

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  • Staff was great...

    The staff, all of you, were great. Nice to be with people who understand. Responded quickly with questions. There weren't any hidden costs which was good.

    — Cindy Angelich, Coto De Caza, CA

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  • Everything went smoothly...

    Thank you the staff was very respectful and helpful. Everything went as smoothly as possible. Very professional.

    — Linda Hill, Bothell, WA

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  • Very impressed....

    Overall, the experience was a very good one. Actually, I was very impressed. We had planned to have the services in my mother's church - otherwise we would have been interested in using your facilities....

    — Richard Bogert, Kennewick

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  • Great respect...

    You guys were great. Was very happy with the two people that picked up our dad; they showed great respect.

    — Ed Walker, Burbank, WA

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  • Easy as possible...

    Thank you for making it as easy as possible for us in such a sorrowful time.

    — Greg Meyer, Richland WA

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  • Wonderful...

    The service and memorial DVD were wonderful.

    — Cathe Cline, Pasco WA

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  • A real comfort...

    Everyone was very nice. That we got a plot for my mother so close to her parents was a real comfort. It was her only spoken wish for her funeral.

    — Nancy Stryker,  Phoenix AZ

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  • Very happy with the service...

    We were very happy with the service. Pastor Sonny Meyers was great too; people asked us how many years he’d known Jack. We were so grateful for that. Charlie was great too. Everyone was. We will definitely rec...

    — Helen Zinn, Richland, WA

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  • Amazing...

    I think you did an amazing job! I couldn't be more pleased with you guys and with how the whole thing was handled! So professional and caring and I know I will never ever go any where else! Thank you so much f...

    — Samantha Gana, Richland, WA

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  • A pleasant experience...

    The employees at Einan's were very courteous, knowledgeable, and supportive. They actually made it a pleasant experience and very memorable. I was proud to be a part of such a service for my dad.  I also appre...

    — Lisa Mead, West Richland

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  • So kind, helpful, respectful...

    Everyone was so kind, helpful and respectful. I really appreciate your care for my family and me. You guys did a great job. Everything went smoothly.  Thank you.

    — Virginia Sparks, Richland, WA

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  • Staff was excellent...

    Einan's staff at the church funeral service was excellent. Ron was very nice and I appreciated how he handled things. I’m happy to recommend you to others.

    — Rick Leaumont

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  • Five stars, seriously...

    You did an amazing job. Wonderful how everyone handled it. You treated my children and grandchildren very well, and that was really important. Five stars - seriously.

    — Marianne Gana, Richland, WA

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  • Well done...

    Very well done.

    — Charles Frederick

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  • Happy with Einan's...

    We were happy in our dealings with Einan's for Norm's Celebration of Life. Thank you!

    — Dorothy Harding, Lynwood, WA

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  • Very responsive and sensitive...

    Staff was very responsive and sensitive to our needs.

    — Blanca Smith, West Richland, WA

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  • Wonderful experience...

    Our experience with Einan's during my mother's passing and memorial was wonderful. We would recommend your services to anyone.

    — Sherri White, Richland, WA

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  • A difficult time made bearable...

    Jane, Thank you and the rest of the staff for making a difficult time much more bearable. Thank you for all your support during this stressful time for our family. You helped organize so many things we never w...

    — The Spicer Family, Richland, WA

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  • Many Compliments...

    I enjoyed working with you to complete the DVD, I received many compliments on it. I let everyone know that I only supplied the pictures & music on this one, and you did the rest! All of us really apprecia...

    — Ed Wallace, Kennewick, WA

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  • Outstanding in every way...

    Service oustanding in every way!

    — Billie Perkins, Richland, WA

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  • Appreciate each of you...

    Your staff did a wonderful job and we truly appreciate each of you.Thanks again!

    — Shayla Havenor, Richland, WA

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  • Satisfied with everything...

    Mike, thank you very much for the arrangements you made for Dale's service. We were very pleased with the casket, the flowers, the decorative corner pieces, and the placing of a personal note that stays with t...

    — Arland and Betty Robertson and Family

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  • Fantastic...

    Laura was very kind. Marshal was fantastic. Good follow up. Thank you for making this sad event less stressful!!

    — Melissa Decker, Zionsville, PA

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  • Everything went perfectly...

    Jane, I think you did an outstanding job shepherding us through the intricacies of final arrangements. Everything went perfectly. Thank you very much! You made a difficult time manageable. Ron and Charlie were...

    — Laura Ogata, Kennewick WA

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  • Can't thank them enough...

    My experience with the pre-arrangement of our funerals with Sherry at Sunset Gardens, Dwight who picked up Annette's body and Mike from Einan's has been a great one. Mike has been a lot of help to us in showin...

    — Ed Shriver, Pasco, WA

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  • Everything there is great...

    Everything there is great. You remodeled the place so nice, and so much room. Everyone was so helpful.

    — Verna Koepp, Richland, WA

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  • Excellent, kind, gracious...

    I only needed arrangements for preparation to have my mother's body transported to another state. What a difference between your care (excellent, kind, gracious) and the funeral home's staff in California (rud...

    — Cody Allen, Richland, WA

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  • Staff was amazing...

    The staff was amazing. Very friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. And took time to explain everything to me, even with me being nearly deaf. What I did attend was good. 

    — Ron Spicer, Pasco, WA

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  • Very nice and accommodating...

    Very nice staff and accommodating. 

    — David Weber, West Richland, WA

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  • Exceeded our expectations...

    You guys got it down, no question. All in all it was a wonderful experience at a difficult time. You guys did great and exceeded our expectations.

    — Robert Puckett, Pasco, WA

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  • Felt taken care of...

    Jane made me feel taken care of and gracefully handled the chaos of relationship issues in my family. 

    — Crystal, Bellevue, WA

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  • Einan's was excellent...

    The entire experience at Einan's was excellent. The staff is so caring and helpful. It was a comforting experience during a very painful time. Thank you so much.

    — Margaret Hooks, Richland, WA

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  • Dignity, respect, compassion...

    Jane, Charlie and Ron are TERRIFIC! They handled my dad's death with the highest level of dignity, respect and compassion; our family couldn't have asked for a better team!

    — Kari B., Richland, WA

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  • So easy...

    Thank you for making the transition to Provo so easy.

    — Anonymous

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  • There when I needed them...

    Einan's was the best place and convenient to all and I am thanking your employees that were there when I needed them.

    — Richard Lunzer, Kennewick, WA

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  • Fantastic...

    You guys were fantastic and Mike was super to deal with.

    — Mike Raney, Pasco, WA

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  • You made it easy...

    You guys made it easy. Everyone was very helpful.

    — Ron Hue, Kennewick, WA

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  • Very happy...

    We were very happy. Laura was so kind and helpful. Her attention to details was so helpful. We consider her a friend. Thanks Laura.

    — Pat Edmunds, Hermiston, OR

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  • So accommodating...

    I really apreciated the fact that things could change and Einan's would simply accommodate.

    — I.H., Richland, WA

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  • Felt your sincere sympathy...

    We were very pleased with all our contacts with you concerning the handling of Bob's body and cremation. We felt your sincere sympathy.

    — Lillian Leggett, Richland, WA

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  • Happy with your help...

    We had no complaints; we were happy with your help.

    — Keith Newhouse, Richland, WA

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  • Top notch...

    Einan's is wonderful! The business side, the beauty of the cemetery, the compassion of the people... it's top notch.

    — Shannon Malisani, Kennewick, WA

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  • Caring and supportive...

    Dwight was awesome - caring and supportive.  He was super easy to work with; I really appreciated it.

    — Coleen Bickel, West Richland, WA

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  • Great job...

    Great job, Dwight and staff. Thank you all for helping make Bob's celebration so wonderful!

    — Kathy Leedy, Richland, WA

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  • Fine care...

    Thank you for your fine care. Our family was very pleased with your services as well as the kindness of the staff.

    — Sandra Robison, Richland, WA

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