Floral Arrangements Made Easy

Sunset Gardens has developed a partnership with a local, well-established florist to simplify ordering floral tributes for services at our facilities. Provide us with preferred delivery times and service details so we can ensure that your arrangement arrives fresh, on time, and looking beautiful. Orders placed within 24 hours of a service are NOT guaranteed. Please call Buds and Blossoms Too at 509.946.2336 to discuss your order options.


T235 1B 300x300 - Gracious Lavender Basket

Gracious Lavender Basket


Casket Piece

T263 3A 300x300 - Moonlit Walk Casket Insert

Moonlit Walk Casket Insert

T283 6A 300x300 - Tender Remembrance Casket Spray

Tender Remembrance Casket Spray

T282 5A 300x300 - Colorful Reflections Casket Spray

Colorful Reflections Casket Spray

T240 3A 300x300 - Distinguished Service Casket Spray

Distinguished Service Casket Spray

T281 9A 300x300 - Loving Legacy Casket Insert

Loving Legacy Casket Insert

T235 2A 300x300 - Lavender Tribute Casket Spray

Lavender Tribute Casket Spray

T281 2A 300x300 - Grandest Glory Casket Spray

Grandest Glory Casket Spray

T280 6A 300x300 - Beautiful Memories Casket Spray

Beautiful Memories Casket Spray

T280 5A 300x300 - Divine Serenity Casket Insert

Divine Serenity Casket Insert

T260 3A 300x300 - Divine Grace 50-Bead Rosary

Divine Grace 50-Bead Rosary

T223 1A 300x300 - Greatest Love Casket Spray

Greatest Love Casket Spray


Hanging Piece

ocean breeze spray t246 2a 1 300x300 - Ocean Breeze Spray

Ocean Breeze Spray

T246 4A 300x300 - Rays Of Light Spray

Rays Of Light Spray

sacred garden spray t249 4a 1 300x300 - Sacred Garden Spray

Sacred Garden Spray

T284 1A 300x300 - Teleflora's Eternal Grace Spray

Teleflora’s Eternal Grace Spray

T283 7A 300x300 - Pure Heart

Pure Heart

T269 2A 300x300 - Garden Cross

Garden Cross

T283 3A 300x300 - Forever At Peace Spray

Forever At Peace Spray

T282 6A 300x300 - Love Lives On Spray

Love Lives On Spray

T282 7A 300x300 - Colorful Serenity Wreath

Colorful Serenity Wreath

T241 1A 300x300 - Reflections of Glory Wreath

Reflections of Glory Wreath

T240 2A 300x300 - Sacred Duty Spray

Sacred Duty Spray

T273 6A 300x300 - Lavender Reflections Spray

Lavender Reflections Spray

T238 1A 300x300 - Deepest Faith Cross

Deepest Faith Cross

T281 3A 300x300 - Heartfelt Sympathy Spray

Heartfelt Sympathy Spray

T239 3A 300x300 - Serenity Wreath

Serenity Wreath

T238 2A 300x300 - Rose Garden Heart

Rose Garden Heart

T280 7A 300x300 - Glorious Farewell Spray

Glorious Farewell Spray

T270 1A 300x300 - Deep In Our Hearts Spray

Deep In Our Hearts Spray

T225 1A 300x300 - Majestic Heart

Majestic Heart



T100 1A 300x300 - Teleflora's Bromeliad Beauty

Teleflora’s Bromeliad Beauty

TPL03 1A 300x300 - Forever Green Plant Garden

Forever Green Plant Garden

TPL05 1A 300x300 - Glorious Gratitude

Glorious Gratitude

TPL04 1A 300x300 - Teleflora's Regally Yours Orchid

Teleflora’s Regally Yours Orchid

T98 2A 300x300 - Teleflora's Opulent Orchids

Teleflora’s Opulent Orchids

telefloras lovely one spathiphyllum plant t272 1a 300x300 - Teleflora's Lovely One Spathiphyllum Plant

Teleflora’s Lovely One Spathiphyllum Plant



T284 2B 300x300 - Life's Glory Bouquet

Life’s Glory Bouquet

T273 9A 300x300 - Adoring Heart Cremation Tribute

Adoring Heart Cremation Tribute

T278 4B 300x300 - Teleflora's Hearts In Heaven Bouquet

Teleflora’s Hearts In Heaven Bouquet

T255 1B 300x300 - Garden Wreath Photo Tribute Bouquet

Garden Wreath Photo Tribute Bouquet

T283 2A 300x300 - Tranquil Peace Cremation Tribute

Tranquil Peace Cremation Tribute

T282 8B 300x300 - Loving Farewell Photo Tribute

Loving Farewell Photo Tribute

T282 4A 300x300 - With All Our Hearts Cremation Tribute

With All Our Hearts Cremation Tribute

T282 1B 300x300 - Always With Us Photo Tribute Bouquet

Always With Us Photo Tribute Bouquet

T281 8A 300x300 - Reflections Of Honor Cremation Tribute

Reflections Of Honor Cremation Tribute

T274 3B 300x300 - Teleflora's Beautiful Heart Bouquet

Teleflora’s Beautiful Heart Bouquet

T11E 405B 300x300 - Teleflora's Grace And Majesty Bouquet

Teleflora’s Grace And Majesty Bouquet

T250 1A 300x300 - Meadows Of Memories Cremation Tribute

Meadows Of Memories Cremation Tribute

T229 2B 300x300 - Teleflora's Divine Peace Bouquet

Teleflora’s Divine Peace Bouquet

T229 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Garden Of Serenity Bouquet

Teleflora’s Garden Of Serenity Bouquet

T217 1A 300x300 - Stately Lilies Cremation Tribute

Stately Lilies Cremation Tribute

T601 6B 300x300 - Teleflora's Garden Of Hope Bouquet

Teleflora’s Garden Of Hope Bouquet

T280 8B 300x300 - Teleflora's Heartfelt Farewell Bouquet

Teleflora’s Heartfelt Farewell Bouquet

T280 4A 300x300 - Sacred Solace Cremation Tribute

Sacred Solace Cremation Tribute

T280 2B 300x300 - Forever Our Angel Bouquet

Forever Our Angel Bouquet

T280 1A 300x300 - Forever In Our Hearts Cremation Tribute

Forever In Our Hearts Cremation Tribute



TSU01 1B 300x300 - Nature's Best Bouquet by Teleflora

Nature’s Best Bouquet by Teleflora

T278 2B 300x300 - Teleflora's Bright Life Bouquet

Teleflora’s Bright Life Bouquet

T267 1B 300x300 - Love Everlasting Bouquet

Love Everlasting Bouquet

TEV25 3B 300x300 - Teleflora's Sapphire Skies Bouquet

Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet

T209 3B 300x300 - Beautiful In Blue Bouquet

Beautiful In Blue Bouquet

T67 1B 300x300 - Anything For You Bouquet by Teleflora

Anything For You Bouquet by Teleflora

T55 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Heavenly And Harmony Bouquet

Teleflora’s Heavenly And Harmony Bouquet

T277 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Shining Spirit Bouquet

Teleflora’s Shining Spirit Bouquet

T55 3B 300x300 - Teleflora's Isle Of White Bouquet

Teleflora’s Isle Of White Bouquet

T278 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Skies Of Remembrance Bouquet

Teleflora’s Skies Of Remembrance Bouquet

T283 8B 300x300 - Treasured And Beloved Bouquet

Treasured And Beloved Bouquet

T601 2B 300x300 - Teleflora's Shining On Bouquet

Teleflora’s Shining On Bouquet

T279 4B 300x300 - Teleflora's Clouds of Heaven Bouquet

Teleflora’s Clouds of Heaven Bouquet

T283 4B 300x300 - Botanical Beauty Bouquet

Botanical Beauty Bouquet

TEV30 2B 300x300 - Teleflora's Purest Love Bouquet

Teleflora’s Purest Love Bouquet

T282 9B 300x300 - Colors Of The Rainbow Bouquet

Colors Of The Rainbow Bouquet

T279 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Hues of Hope Bouquet

Teleflora’s Hues of Hope Bouquet

T240 1B 300x300 - With Distinction Bouquet

With Distinction Bouquet

T282 2B 300x300 - Colorful Tribute Bouquet

Colorful Tribute Bouquet

T281 6B 300x300 - Magnificent Mauves Bouquet

Magnificent Mauves Bouquet

T251 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Joyful Memory Bouquet

Teleflora’s Joyful Memory Bouquet

T208 1B 300x300 - Dreams From The Heart Bouquet

Dreams From The Heart Bouquet

T281 4B 300x300 - Teleflora's True Horizon Bouquet

Teleflora’s True Horizon Bouquet

T278 5B 300x300 - Teleflora's Wonderous Life Bouquet

Teleflora’s Wonderous Life Bouquet

T279 3B 300x300 - Teleflora's Soft Blush Bouquet

Teleflora’s Soft Blush Bouquet

T278 6B 300x300 - Teleflora's Soft And Tender Bouquet

Teleflora’s Soft And Tender Bouquet

T280 9B 300x300 - Teleflora's Graceful Glory Bouquet

Teleflora’s Graceful Glory Bouquet

T279 2B 300x300 - Teleflora's Bold Tribute Bouquet

Teleflora’s Bold Tribute Bouquet

T224 1B 300x300 - Teleflora's Rose Tribute Bouquet

Teleflora’s Rose Tribute Bouquet

T255 4B 300x300 - Forever Beloved Bouquet

Forever Beloved Bouquet

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