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Margaret Mary Greger

Dec. 6, 1923 — March 11, 2009

From Richland, WA, USBorn in Harrisburg, Nebraska


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    Sat, March 21 2009, 11 a.m.

Margaret Haun Greger, 85, passed away peacefully in her home on March 11, 2009. She was born on Dec. 6, 1923, to parents Henry and Elizabeth Haun in Harrisburg, Nebraska. After graduating from the county high school as valedictorian, she began working for a local newspaper, eventually becoming a member of the Typographical Union.

While attending the University of Nebraska after World War II, she met George Greg Greger, a GI Bill student who had returned from service overseas. They were married on April 4, 1947.

In 1950, they moved to the Tri-Cities, where her husband worked at the Hanford Project. They raised seven children. Neighbor kids enjoyed the Greger backyard playhouses and the reliable supply of cookies and homemade root beer. They knew that if they wanted to drag 53 tumbleweeds into the backyard to construct an igloo, Margaret Greger would be fine with it. Once, anyway.

Attention to family, kites and wild flowers were foremost her life. She was active in both the Catholic Church affairs and the Democratic Party. In the 1960s she fought for civil rights in the Tri-Cities. She served the Audubon Society as its librarian for many years. As her children grew up and left home, she devoted herself to kite flying, kite making, teaching kite classes, and writing the five kite-making books she published. Her books "Kites for Everyone" and "More Kites for Everyone" are prized by kite makers and teachers worldwide. In the Tri-Cities, she was known as "The Kite Lady".

In 1996, she was named American Kite Magazine's Kite Person of the Year. The tribute article stated that she had taught thousands of adults and kids how to make and fly kites in over forty years of dedication to the craft. In 2002, Margaret was inducted into the World Kite Museum's Hall of Fame. Kindness toward friend and stranger alike, love for her family, and a sense of humor rounded out her life.

Margaret Greger is survived by husband George, brothers Jim, Larry and Joe Haun, and sister Loretta Peterson; children Debora, Miriam, Joel, Jan, Amelie, Del and Evan; and grandchildren Thomas, Avalon and Brennan.

As a remembrance, we suggest readers fly a kite in that empty space in the sky. In lieu of flowers, a donation in her honor may be made to a group she supported: McNary Wildlife Refuge Education Center, 311 Lake Road, Burbank, WA 99323. Thoughts and memories may be expressed in the online guest book at www.einansfuneralhome.com. The funeral Mass will be on Saturday, March 21st at 11:00 a.m. at Christ the King Catholic Church in Richland, with a remembrance reception to follow in the gathering place of the church.

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  • In 1993 I moved my family to Flagstaff Arizona. Immediately, I realized the kids at my son's elementary school were “...in immediate need of fun!” This lead me to Margaret. I called her up hoping to get some tips on a kite making class. Not only did she give me sage advice for the kite making workshops but sent me her books at no charge! I contacted her from time to time after that to check in and express my gratitude to her for getting me going after I had given another no charge workshop for kids of all ages. In 2008 Margaret mentioned to me that the publisher was interested in updating one of her books. She said she had boxes of previous editions she would part with for just the cost of the printing and shipping charges. I contacted the Drachen Foundation and brokered a deal for them to buy all the books Margaret had. Drachen was very grateful, I know Margaret was, and I was too. I felt that in some small way I was able to give back to her for all the joy and significance she gave to my life and many others through the joy of sharing the wonderful skill of kite making and flying. Brent Scott

    Brent Scott
    June 26, 2011
    Mayer, AZ
  • she shounds like a wonderful woman , courages , and a great role model, she inspired me in so many ways . my deepest condolences to the whole family.

    Aug. 21, 2009
    tacoma, WA, US
  • Margaret and her books on kite making were a great influence on me. i use a Eddy kite from her book in my kite making workshops. A letter from her is my most prized kiting procession. She is missed. God Bless Charles Stewart

    Charles A. Stewart
    Aug. 9, 2009
    New, York, NY, US
  • She was the best, the most fun person in our kite world and her books have been my 'bibles' from the very start, nearly thirty years ago.

    elain genser
    May 29, 2009
    BC, Canada
  • Dear Greg and Family, We have just learned of Margaret’s death by way of the Kite Museum. Although we live in Austin, Texas and you folks in Washington, we have such good memories of sharing the love of kiting with you. First Margaret came to Austin to see a college roommate and flew kites with us. Then she and Greg came and flew with us and met with Austin fliers over supper. Then at the Lubbock National Convention. And at the Washington Long Beach Festival in 1999. But we have had Margaret with us for 27 years at our annual NW Recreation Kite Workshop What wonderful memories and what a wonderful lady! Richard and Marian Robertson Austin, Texas. May 17, 2009

    Richard and Marian Robertson
    May 17, 2009
    Austin, Texas, TX, US
  • I just heard about Margret Gregor's death from Mr. Richard Robertson. I met Margret at Austin's annual kite Festival back in the 70's. I bought one of her books;She autographed it for me. She was a very good friend of mine, and I will miss her. Sincerely' John Griffis kiteflyer,kite artist,kite designer and kite builder

    John Q. Griffis
    May 17, 2009
    Austin, TX, US
  • I never met Margaret personally but I have all of her books on kites. She has been a tremendous influence on me as a kite builder and I have used her plans to teach hundreds of children in Ontario, Canada the joy of building and flying kites. My deepest sympathy is extended to Margaret's family. Her loss in the kite community has been noted world wide. May God bless you all.

    Bob White
    May 4, 2009
    Port, Colborne, ON, Canada
  • In 1993 I contacted Margaret with the plea, “The kids at my son’s school are in emergency need of fun!” She sent me a copy of “Kites for Everyone”, at no charge, with sticky notes in it to bring my attention to particular areas of interest. She coached me about kite making workshops and I have given half a dozed over the years. I’m preparing to give one now as a birthday gift for the 12 year old son, and 12 friends and family, of a friend. I dedicate all my future classes to her. Brent Scott,

    Brent Scott
    April 18, 2009
    Mayer, AZ, US
  • My deepest condolences to Greg and family. It is a great loss to kite world. Her influences via classes she taught and via books, will remain for a long time. I will always remember her with smile on her face. We lost one of the deerest lady I've ever known, however her life was full, I have to congratulate her and her family for that. What a wonderful life she had.

    Dan Y Kurahashi
    April 5, 2009
    Burnaby, BC, Canada
  • I too have many fond memories of Margaret and the Gregor family, growing up with them as part of Christ the King parish in Richland. I remember afternoons running around the Gregor house and yard while my mother visited with Margaret, bravely sipping homemade rootbeer and being inspired to make our own batch at the Brouns house. One summer I joined the Gregors, traveling to Joseph Oregon to volunteer at the local summer camp. Margaret and George were my "foster parents" that week and I felt right at home with them. Another summer, Mariam offered to teach Mary Eschbach and me how to sew. Margaraet gave up her living room and sewing machines for several weeks, and patiently helped Marian teach 2 young girls to create the best home made wardrobe in Richland! I learned to sew on Margaret's classic pedal sewing machine! My mother, Nyla Brouns and Margaret were some of the original Catholic Feminists, and fought for years to "liberalize" Christ the King Parish. I rememeber hearing a conversation between them, my mother stated that maybe they should just leave the Church and join one that was more accepting for women. Margaret replied, "If we leave the Catholic Church there will be no feminists left to change it!" I know that my mom and Margaret will have more influence today from Heaven, than they ever had on earth!

    Kathy Brouns Harvey
    April 2, 2009
    Bothell, WA, US
  • We feel fortunate that our 4-year-old son Brennan has had the opportunity to know his grandma Margaret. She always lit up when she saw him and he was always excited to see her and grandpa too. His first introduction to kites was at the International Kite Festival in Washington. We hope that Margaret's appreciation for the simple things in life, nature, positive attitude and family will be strong in his life. Margaret will be missed, but she has embedded wonderful memories in all of us.

    Marla Parada & Joel Greger
    March 30, 2009
    Crockett, CA, US
  • Dear Family: We wish to express our condolences to George and family for the death of Margaret, wife and mother. She was a grand lady. We will miss her. May God be especially with You during this difficult time. Deanna and Matt Lardy

    Deanna and Matt Lardy
    March 22, 2009
    Richland, WA, US
  • I will always remember Margaret and feel very fortunate to have her as my Aunt. She had such an easy gracious way about her and she made everybody feel they were special to her-I know she always made me feel that way. I hope that we can find comfort in all our good memories and in the thought of the happy years we shared. Lots of Love, Becky and Adam Liam and Lydia

    Becky Edmonds
    March 21, 2009
    San, Antonio, TX, US
  • I have memories of Margaret in Richland, the San Juan Islands, Florida, and England. Let me mention a few. She had been invited to England to the Blackheath Kite Festival in 1985. She went with us to visit the cathedral in Peterborough. While we were standing around, she started talking to one of the volunteers, and in ten minutes had his whole story--he had come to England as a German soldier, a P.O.W. who knew how to repair bikes. He stayed and learned how to repair radios. Margaret made a passing encounter permanent and memorable. That was the sort of woman she was. On another occasion, Debora had gone to a kite store in London to pick up some special kite fabric for Margaret--people came from the back room, people came from the basement, all to meet the daughter of the famous Margaret Greger. As Margaret once said to Debora, "If you're going to write a book, write one people want to buy." It's a lesson we poets still haven't learned.

    William Logan
    March 21, 2009
    Gainesville, FL, US
  • I will always remember Aunt Margaret as I saw her while I was a child: sharing her love of the outdoors near the water and trees of Washington. Her shining example reflected more light than even her beautiful kites. We will miss you. Love Rachel, Seiki, Liam

    Rachel Haun
    March 21, 2009
    Los, Angeles, CA, US
  • Any one who met margaret was very blessed and would not forget the meeting. My prayers are with you all.

    Tim Greger
    March 20, 2009
    omaha, NB, US
  • Dear Greger family, The Eschbach family extends their heartfelt condolences to you. We all have fond memories of the Greger home on Marshall. After all, it was a short bike ride up Van Giesen from our home on Hains. Not unlike the ride to CK. A family contribution has been made to the McNary Wildlife Refuge Education Center in Margaret's memory. It is also rumored that a kite will soon grace the skies of the Colorado prairie in her honor. As I flail for words to ease the pain of loss, I see that the yarrow and flax are leading the wildflower resurgence in my garden. Our best wishes, Eschbachs

    Liza Eschbach
    March 20, 2009
    Lafayette, CO, US
  • I have many fond memories of Margaret and the whole Greger clan. I love how she pretty much let Del and me or rather encouraged us to try almost anything-like making a hot air balloon at Camp Joseph one summer. She was an amazing lady and her rootbeer was beyond compare! Love to all. Joyce

    Joyce Vandenberg Porter
    March 20, 2009
    Mill, Valley, CA, US
  • Margaret always made me feel welcome with her smiles and inquiries when I visited Del. I remember her cooking us pancakes for breakfast the morning after our wild and fun slumber parties in the backyard of the Greger's home. I too remember the delicious homemade rootbeer, it was definitely a hit! My heart goes out to the entire Greger family. Margaret was truly a special lady. with Love, Cara

    Cara McCulley Kelly
    March 20, 2009
    Mill, City, OR, US
  • Good memories from old friends- going way back to the 60's. Much love to you and your family. Al and Doris

    Al and Doris Vandenberg
    March 20, 2009
    University, Place, WA, US
  • I came to Richland to be an Artist in Residence in 1975 and Margaret and Greg made me welcome in a big way. Margaret taught me to make kites with kids and there's still a kite kit in the trunk of my car today. Margaret's sense of humor is what I will treasure most. My favorite present from her is an envelope of magazine clippings of horrible Christmas decorations from the 1950's. There were years of trading silly newspaper headlines and rocks with different themes like "hamburger patty rocks". Finding a letter from Margaret in the mailbox made it a great day. She never wasted anything and wove fun into everything. Strong, smart, funny and generous with Greg as the best sidekick ever. Still have those net sinkers on my desk, Greg. Love to you and the family.

    Joan Newcomb
    March 19, 2009
    Seattle, WA, US
  • I grew up in Richland and lived down the street from the Gregers. They were a second family to me. They fed me, took me on family vacations and generally treated me as one of their own. This is sad news about a great lady who was a major influence in my life.

    Dan Foley
    March 18, 2009
    Seattle, WA, US
  • Uncle George and cousins, Aunt Marge is now flying kites that for sure Frank cannot attempt to shoot down. I am so sorry for your/our loss even though we have not seen each other recently I cherish the memories. As a youngster I always looked forward to the Washington Greger tribe summer visitations. I still have the picture of the Yellow Winged Blackbird pirched on a fence post by our pond. God Bless Jerry

    Gerald D Greger
    March 18, 2009
    Pompano, Beach, FL, US
  • I wonder sometimes if any of you have similar thoughts...I am the most fortunate person to have been born into this family. I carry a picture in my heart of Grandma laughing. Aunt Margaret was so much like her. She would say "Well Carol, He He He" and with each "He" she would raise her shoulders slightly, with that unrushed, beautiful, calm voice. How about that drinking bird! I hope the wind is favorable this weekend and make sure the root beer flows freely. Love you all!

    Carolyn Haun
    March 18, 2009
    Northridge, CA, US
  • A letter to my mother who loved correspondence and kept the whole clan in touch- Dear Mother, Whenever I see fireworks against the night sky, a hawk in flight, a wildflower in bloom, a kite against the blue, a loud parade - I will think of you. Whenever I think about hunting wild asparagus, the beauty of the desert hills, good books and a lifelong love of learning - I will think of you. Mother, we were blessed to have you. Love, Miriam Thanks for the loan, Lord.

    Miriam Greger Kuhn
    March 18, 2009
    Yakima, WA, US
  • I remember many visits by Uncle George & Aunt Margaret to the Greger ranch in Nebraska. Lots of beautiful kites, big & small were flown here. I remember one time the line broke on a kite and it ended up high in the top of a cottonwood tree. I believe Del got it down later by herself. I remember also the neat food Mom and Aunt Margaret would cook up, esp. the floured tacos. Aunt Margaret made Mom a colorful robe like hers to wear at night. Mom said it was so comfortable and she wore it for years. I also remember how proud Aunt Margaret was of her Dutch kite when it survived all the bullet holes which Dad and I had done. I recall her telling us later about the kite being shown in her classroom. My two daughters recieved kites made by Margaret. I will be watching for the kite shaped clouds made from heaven.

    Dan Greger
    March 18, 2009
    Stuart, NE, US
  • Mom made raising 7 kids seem so easy that I thought we were in a medium-sized family and didn't even realize till later what a powerhouse she was: rotating between three different grocery stores to buy sale items in bulk; scheduling kids' activities, church and politics and multi-tasking at a flatout unbelievable level. I remember one Summer day -- I might have been 7 or 8 -- I made the mistake of telling Mom I had "nuthin' to do". She was visibly annoyed with my statement and immediately rattled off 10 or 12 things I could be doing. Now that I think about it, I've never had "nuthin' to do" since. And when I decided to leave home at 17 for the "glamour" of the big city, she packed me a lunch and drove me out to the 395 onramp to drop me where I could hitchhike away. What an amazing woman! I love you, Mom. Blue skies and a steady breeze. A great day each and every day. Rest in Peace.

    Jan Gregor
    March 17, 2009
    Astoria, OR, US
  • My condolences go out to the Greger family at your great loss.

    Bill Cantrell
    March 16, 2009
    Bellingham, WA, US
  • If a woman is fortunate enough to have children, her legacy is most beautifully reflected in them. I know Madel and Evan and both bring grace, intelligence and compassion to all they do and to all they love. She gave 7 gifts to our hometown of Richland and now they share her spirit worldwide. Thank you Margaret.

    Kathy Ryals
    March 16, 2009
    San, Francisco, CA, US
  • Our Sweet Aunt Margaret- We will miss her beautiful smile and all of her amazing wisdom about birds, wildflowers & kites. Our prayers and thought are with you all! Peggy Joe's daughter

    Franken Family
    March 16, 2009
    Cumming, GA, US
  • Mom had a great sense of humor reminded me of Grandma Haun with us Grandkidsand liked to laugh and tell a good funny story or greet you at the door in a Halloween mask. She gave us memories like root beer floats, summer vacations, and the Kite Festival at Long Beach. Peace to you Mom. love Amelie and Steve

    Amelie Greger
    March 16, 2009
    Seattle, WA, US
  • The World Kite Museum, that was nutured and mentored and will always be inspired by Margaret Gregor, sends our sincere sympathy to you, Greg, and to your family. I'm looking forward to visiting with you soon, maybe on a kite flying field. Kay Buesing

    Kay Buesing
    March 16, 2009
    Long, Beach, WA, US
  • I remember Aunt Margaret was always making interesting things out of improbable materials. Look what she did with her seven kids. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was amazed that dandelions had a use…wine. I also remember that I was surprised that she could make milk out of powder though that no doubt had more to do with necessity than creativity. It seemed that Aunt Margaret always saw other uses for everything, and maybe, everyone. As a child, Aunt Margaret was the first adult I remember who had a dry, throw-away style of delivering her jokes, signaled only with a mischievous twinkle. I thought adults always announced their jokes with a “TA-DA”. I liked her style. And I remember her monster pumpkins. I’d only seen such things in 50’s sci-fi films where radiation leaks had caused colossal mutations. Considering where Uncle Greg worked, this was a possibility. And I remember Aunt Margaret out in the garden pollinating the pumpkin flowers with a feather. Maybe she figured that the Tri-Cities area had too many wasps and not enough bees. Aunt Margaret has always been, and is still, a distant guide for me on how one can full-on face the duties and troubles of this world without losing the enthusiasm and curiosity of the child. Hey, family, keep in touch: crhaun@sbcglobal.net

    Chris Haun
    March 16, 2009
    Los, Angeles, CA, US
  • As kid running bare foot in the scortching richland heat the Greger yard was a sanctuary. Not only was Margaret available but she willingly aided and abetted any hijinx we seemed to come up with. Often taking her time to supply the needed materials. The fact that she seemed to delight in our escapades even more than we did was never lost on me. I felt she took me seriously as a person and this in turn I pass on to the young ones in my life. Rain not withstanding I will be flying home made kites here on saturday with a six and a three year old in her honor. For the remaining eight of you especially Greg who took me fishing for my first time. My deepest sympathy . Tim Norton

    Tim Norton
    March 16, 2009
    WA, US
  • Margaret was a kind woman who opened her heart and home to me when I moved to the tri-cities in the 70's. She made me feel like I could do anything I wanted to if I enjoyed it and put my mind to it. I spent many good hours doing fiber arts at her kitchen table and enjoying her friendship. God Bless a truly good person.

    Jennifer June
    March 15, 2009
    Whispering, Pines, NC, US
  • I consider it an honor having the famous "kite lady" as my Mother-in-law. She also cooked wonderful delicacies such as Bishop's Bread, Carrot Cake and my favorite, Nuts and Bolts! She always said, Have a good day! And I certainly will, especially having known both Margaret and Greg. Happy days and sunny skies Margaret! Love Ashleigh

    Ashleigh Gregor
    March 15, 2009
    Astoria, OR, US
  • Mom seemed fearless, like a rock. She always seemed to be positive in her outlook and especially saw the beauty in nature. A real pioneer spirit. I loved it when I could make her laugh. You could really dish it to her and she could dish it back. I remember when I first started to realize her status in the kite community. We were at the Marina Green in San Francisco many years ago and a local flyer, upon learning who she was, told her that her book "changed his life". Her children, her grandchildren, her books and our memories are her mesage to the future. Fly on, mom.

    Joel Greger
    March 15, 2009
    Crockett, CA, US
  • I have always felt privileged to have Margaret as a personal friend, with a special bonus of living close enough to her and Greg to go to their house and see some of their "works in progress" and talk to them about kites or any other subject that came up. You will be missed, Margaret

    Marleen Hazen
    March 15, 2009
    Kennewick, WA, US
  • Mrs. Greger: It was years before I could call her Margaret. I met Jan in first grade still friends, and I was privileged to spend many hours at the Greger household, especially during grade school and junior high. My first taco! was had in that house, my first piano lessons, my first sleeping overnight in a tree house. Great family, all of you. May there always be a breeze for Margaret to fly her kites, and may that breeze help fill the hole of her passing. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar
    March 15, 2009
    Seattle, WA, US
  • It has been my pleasure to have known Margaret, and her husband, Greg, for many years. Margaret, you will certainly be missed, especially by those who have known ypu through your devotion to kite making and flying.

    Monty Stratton
    March 15, 2009
    Richland, WA, US
  • Sorry to hear that Margaret is gone. Thank you for the kites- Best wishes.

    Greg Carlock
    March 15, 2009
    Seattle, WA, US
  • We first met Margaret in the mid-70's at a kite festival at Blackheath, London. Her enthusiasm for kites and people was infectious. Her books are an inspiration and helps to bring many people to the joy of kite flying.

    Gill and Jon Bloom
    March 14, 2009
    Colchester, UK
  • Some years ago, when I was visiting my parents, one evening after supper, my mother the world-famous kitemaker asked if I'd care to help her test some new kites she'd sewn up. As I stood with her on a nearby school playground, admiring her latest success, I found myself thinking, 'Forget being in her shoes; there are kite-flyers around the world who'd be thrilled just to be in mine!' My condolences to Dad and my siblings. She was one of a kind.

    Debora Greger
    March 14, 2009
    Gainesville, FL, US
  • My late husband Doug would always comment on how Margaret was a "master kite builder". We now know to that she is "flying kites on high" with many kite builders & flyers in Heaven.

    Jody HagamanShields
    March 14, 2009
    T, or, C, NM, US
  • Oh my...how I wish we could have known her! What an incredible example. All those accomplishments while raising the children. I have been blessed even by knowing I an related to such a woman. Teddy Sanem daughter of Pauling Hytrek King 3rd child of John and Theresa Hytrek

    Teddy Sanem
    March 14, 2009
    Sequim, WA, US
  • Margaret came from humble begining in our little town of Harrisburg. We are proud of her accomplishments.

    Norris & Judy Leafdale
    March 14, 2009
    Harrisburg, NE, US
  • Mom was a good friend of mine. Her friends were my friends and she often kept up with much younger ones as well. I grew up believing I could do anything due to her encouragement. She had great enthusiasm about so many things and an in-depth knowledge of nature and science brought alive. Now being a mom, I am in awe of what she did with her hands as full as they must have been. I honor her and hope she is in a place with a perfect breeze and some birds to identify. Love you Mom!

    Del Greger
    March 14, 2009
    San, Francisco, CA, US
  • Somehow I ended up sitting next to Margaret at my first Kiteflying dinner in Long Beach, WA. 1989-90? She was kind, gracious, and so patient with all the people who kept interrupting her meal for her autograph. She welcomed everyone into kiteflying. I think of her often. I'm sorry for your loss. I'll always think about her.

    Penny Lingenfelter
    March 14, 2009
    Port, Orchard, WA, US
  • God bless you Aunt Margaret. Have fun flying your kites with the angels in the clouds.

    Eric D Haun
    March 14, 2009
    Los, Angeles, CA, US

    March 13, 2009
  • Dear Greg and family, Altho my kiting days are pretty much over, I do have such good memories of the meetings and "flying's" with you folks...And those most helpful kite-making books! They're also on to "new lives", being passed on to our children & grandchildren since I moved into the Norse Home Retirement Center 3 years ago. I was getting to the Golden Gardens NY flies until a year or 2 ago--still fairly active in church activities & out for walks. As I feel with you, Greg, in your loss, I'm reminded that in 1 mo. it will be 20 years since our Jack left for his "home in the sky." Blessed be their memories! Vi

    Viola Van Gilder
    March 13, 2009
    Seattle,, WA, 98103, WA, US
  • I was one of those neighbors who loved playing in the Greger treehouse and playhouse. Evan, remember the bat?! What great memories growing up next to the Greger's; Evan and I making spook houses, selling Kool-Aid in the summer, and stealing cookie dough from the downstairs fridge! I remember going with Mrs. Greger down to the Yakima River, too, and her showing me a nest of baby owls. I thought it was so cool. How about her taking us asparagus picking, and eating her fabulous pickles? And, of course, her kites. I remember as a graduation present she gave me a kite that looked like a first-class letter. She was the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.

    Patty Crowley
    March 13, 2009
    Monroe, WA, US
  • I've never had the pleasure of meeting the Greger family, but we share family as Mikschs. My sympathy to the family for the loss of Margaret; it must be a rare satisfaction to have one's work live on through the recreational activities she introduced by way of her books and classes. When I lift our kites to the skies, I will remember her.

    Bobbi King
    March 13, 2009
    Lakewood, CO, US
  • I met Margaret and Greg at the Washington State Intl Kite Festival many years ago. They were fun to talk with and very patient in answering my questions. Not too much later, I was a teacher's asst for Margaret during one of the last classes she taught at the Ft Worden Kitemakers Conference. I asked her to pick the colors for my kite because I was busy helping the other students. By the end of the class she was so worn out that she stated she would probably never teach another class. I have flown that kite many times at WSIKF and other festivals but the next time I fly it, I will think of Margaret and thank her for teaching that last class. My very best to Greg and the family.

    Ronda Brewer
    March 13, 2009
    Lincoln, City, OR, US