How Do Funeral Homes Process Cremation?

When you think about cremation services, you might wonder how funeral homes process that particular service. It’s wise to know what to expect in case you have to use it someday.

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October 2, 2023

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The professionals who work at funeral homes in West Richland, WA often say they feel called into the industry. They are naturally compassionate people who genuinely care. They want to help people through some of the hardest times they will have, like when a loved one passes on. Funeral homes try to help as many clients as possible get what they need and that means they are going to have to have options. More and more funeral homes have cremation services today, in fact most do. While you might appreciate that, you may still wonder how the process works. Here are some details to help you with the choice you may have to make at some point.


Authorization For Cremation Is Necessary

Once you choose a funeral home to work with, they are not going to proceed with cremation, or any other service, without your authorization. They need the proper documentation in place to ensure that you are certain about your choice to cremate your loved one. The death certificate is necessary, and you will also have to sign a cremation consent form before the cremation process will move ahead.


Your Loved One Will Be Identified

The identification process is something funeral homes take very seriously and they are meticulous about it. They will identify your loved one in many different ways and throughout the cremation process so they are certain that they know exactly who they are cremating. You don’t have to worry about whose remains you are receiving back because they simply cannot be mixed up in the funeral home.


The Body Is Prepared

After the paperwork process and the identification, your loved one’s body will get the prep it needs for cremation. Not much has to be done. If they have a metal device within them, that will be removed. They can also be placed in whatever clothing you’d like. Once those preparations are made, they can be placed into the crematory and the cremation process can continue.


The Cremation Happens

The crematory will be heated and your loved one will be placed inside. There will not be any burning happening. No flames will touch the body. Instead, the high heat will change their form instead in a process that is gentle and natural. You can rest assured that it’s completely dignified as well.


Remains Are Returned To You

Once cremation takes place, your loved one’s remains are removed from the crematory in a thorough manner and that space is cleaned for the next event. The remains are placed in a simple container provided by the funeral home or, you can choose an urn for your loved one. The remains are then given back to you to do with what you please.

When you are considering the cremation options, funeral homes in West Richland, WA are there to help you understand the options. You can ask any question you have and get the answers you need to move forward. The professionals at Einan’s at Sunset Funeral Home are here to help you plan something honorable for your loved one.

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