Shirley A. Haley

08/15/1935 — 11/10/2018

From Benton City, WA | Born in Claremore, OK

Shirley A. Haley

Thank You for coming to celebrate Shirley’s life with us.

I would like to start by saying, “Mom, (Shirley) in my yes she was perfect, a perfect mother, mother-in-law, sister, gramma, great- gramma, auntie, cousin, wife, I could go on and on but there just are not enough words to express my thoughts and gratitude and how blessed I am for the honor to have been a part of her life. In all the time I knew mom (Shirley) she was the kindest, loving and giving person one could ever meet. She had a way of forgiving your faults and only seeing the good in a person. The only times I seen her become angry was when someone in her family or someone she loved and very dear to her hurt. If they were hurt or hurting in any way, she would say “I’m gonna put a pox on them, “other than that she always spoke kind words to everyone, I never heard her speak a single harsh word about anyone. Throughout her long illness and pain she never complained, not a single time. Most people would have become mean and grouchy, I think she thought she was a burden and that thought just simply breaks my heart. She was always so gracious and kind and loving to everyone even strangers. She is definitely an angel and forever in my heart and mind, her memories will remain.”

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Shirley A. Haley

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