Fenya Kashergen

02/15/1946 — 01/12/2019

From Richland, WA | Born in Maywood, CA

Fenya Kashergen

The family of Fenya Kashergen notes with sadness the death of our beloved wife and mother. She died January 12, 2019 at Leslie Canyon Adult Family Home. Fenya was born on February 15, 1946 in Maywood, CA to a devout Molokan family. She was proud to be an early baby boomer. She grew up in Bell, CA as part of a family that included her sisters Katya and Priscilla and her brother John. She loved plants and other beautiful things; so with that in mind she studied botany at USC and then UCLA.

She said the one good thing that came out of her time in college which was meeting her husband. She and Richard Nordgren were married 50 years. Their commitment to equal rights for women can be seen in her decision to retain her birth name. Among the proudest achievements of their marriage was their daughter, Hannah who has been a joy and source of pride to her.

Richard and Fenya moved to Richland in 1976 to accept new jobs. Fenya had many jobs including lab work, merchandizing, data entry, mail delivery and her favorite, weaving. She enjoyed making beautiful things from what she wove. At one point she had four looms which made her home-based studio cramped. She retired from paid work but she kept her hand in her beloved crafts and she continued to make beautiful things for many years afterward.

The brief summary of Fenya’s life cannot describe who she was. She was special for a variety of reasons, some of which are described in what follows. She was creative with a splendid intuitive sense of color and texture. The talent she had in that sphere however was not matched by a gift for marketing her creations. She was a chronic worry wart but the injury to her brain erased that. Afterwards Fenya was serene and content to a supernatural degree. She was devoted to her family and looked forward to time spent doing nothing more than breathing the same air with them. Fenya had one foot in the traditions of her ancestors while at the same time espousing progressive causes. She never forgot a song learned in school or Scouts. If asked or in an outgoing mood she would sing one appropriate to the occasion. She was really quiet in the sense she did not say much, but with the right appeal she could engage in conversation.

Many people contributed to the quality of life she had for the last few years. We are grateful for her friends Mary and Sandy. We are grateful for the loving and capable caregivers at Leslie Canyon Adult Family Home: Norma, Erika, Michelle, Juan and Gabby. You have all been a blessing to her and to us.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, January 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm at Meadow Springs Presbyterian Church. Memorial gifts may be sent to Chaplaincy Healthcare. 

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