James H. Brady

04/01/1941 — 05/12/2021

From Pasco, WA | Born in Twin Falls, ID

Motorcycle Gathering

Sat, August 14, 2021, 11:00 am
Columbia Park Veterans Memorial
Sacajawea Heritage Trail, Kennewick, WA 99336

KSU for the Honor Ride

Sat, August 14, 2021, 11:45 am
Columbia Park Veterans Memorial
Sacajawea Heritage Trail, Kennewick, WA 99336

Inurnment Ceremony

Sat, August 14, 2021, 12:30 pm
Sunset Gardens
915 Bypass Highway, Richland, WA 99352

Celebration of Life Reception

Sat, August 14, 2021, 1:00 pm
Events at Sunset
915 Bypass Highway

Richland, WA 99352

James H. Brady

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James H. Brady passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at the age 80, at Trios Health Southridge Hospital due to respiratory complications and was comforted in death by his children and grandchildren who all came to say their goodbye’s. James is survived by his sons, Robert and Jerald Brady; his daughter Mary Fromm and their spouses, Tammy and Janet Brady and Jack Fromm; his grandchildren, Karissa (Krissy), Jennifer, Trista, Britany, Kayla, Nathan, Haylee, Jackson, Brooklyn, Devin; along with 9 great grandchildren and 2 more on the way.

James was born on April 1, 1941 at the Magic Valley Memorial Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho to Lois Alene and Clyde Brady of Hollister, Idaho and was the 3rd of 4 siblings all which were boys.  James (Jim) was raised on a farm outside of Twin Falls that was known as the Salmon Tract and attended elementary school in the Hollister School District.  At the young age of 13, Jim and his brothers suffered the devastating loss of their father to a tragic accident which led to him spending a lot of time with his grandma, grandpa Fleenor and his Uncle Leroy.  Jim would always compare peoples cooking to his Grandma Mary’s, which to him was the standard he lived by and was a reflection of the special bond and admiration he had for the Fleenor family, especially his Uncle Leroy whom he held in high regards.

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Jim was a rebellious teen and had a reputation for fighting which seemed an easy decision for him to leave school behind him at the age of 17 to go off and join the Marine Corps with his best friend Ron Garey, in November of 1958.  After bootcamp he remained stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, but often told stories of his travel experiences onboard a frigate ship that took him to Okinawa Japan.  In November of 1962, James was Honorably discharged from the Marine Corp following his brush with the Cuban Missile Crisis during the John F. Kennedy era in October of 1962.  Having honorably completed his enlistment, he returned to the Twin Falls Idaho area where he met and married Arla Jean Roth on 6 May, 1963 and had 3 children.

Jim loved motorcycles and family gatherings and often went camping and trial riding in Idaho and Oregon with family and friends.  Jim was also an avid wood carver who had a passion for knives ever since he was a kid and a collector of many things and loved to frequent pawn shops and gun shows in search of the next trinket or treasure. Jim was also a self-taught mechanic who worked for JR Simplot in Burley, ID; Moses lake, WA and Milton Freewater, OR as a Hyster and Line mechanic until moving the family to Pasco in 1978 where he became a millwright out on the Hanford project. Not long after starting work at the Hanford Project, Jim struggled with health issues that led to him having extensive by-pass surgeries after suffering multiple strokes.  Throughout his recovery, Jim persevered the daunting task of regaining his speech and took up his passion of carving and model building as a means of therapy to regain his eye and hand coordination where eventually, he returned to work under the supervision of his good friend Ron Buel.

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Shortly after the loss of his wife in June of 2001 to multiple sclerosis he made plans to move in with his daughter Mary and her young family. Mary and Dad shared more than a house for his remaining years, Mary was a daughter, best friend, caregiver and ultimately the nurturing lifeline he so depended on. Jimmy as he was sometimes called by the girls and his friends, loved to cruise Columbia Park. Mary would often take him to Dutch Bros for his favorite Carmel freeze for his frequent joy rides. Mary was a devoted caregiver who oftentimes found herself engaged with his medical providers as a fierce advocate for his well-being in and out of the hospital until his passing. There were many others in Jimmy’s life who looked after him, provided care, friendship and companionship and loved his innocence and flirtatious way about him with his care free character about him.  For that, the family would like to say thanks to all for being there and being his friend and looking after him unconditionally through his health struggles and times of need.

Jim is preceded in death by his wife, Arla Jean; his parents, Clyde Glendon and Lois Alene Brady; by his brothers, George Glendon, Ronald Dewayne and Clyde Gerald Brady; his Grandparents, Clarence Mead and Elizabeth “Libby” Brady along with George Harmon and Mary Ellen Fleenor; and his Uncle, LeRoy Fleenor.

Join us on 14 August 2021 for a Motorcycle Gathering at the Columbia Park Veterans Memorial at 11 am. KSU at 11:45 am for an Honor Ride to Sunset Gardens in Richland for the Inurnment Ceremony in the Veteran’s Garden. Immediately following the Inurnment we will head to the Event Center for a Celebration of Life Reception.

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James H. Brady

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  • I will forever miss you my Jimmy and all our crazy adventures. We had lots of crazy wild times in our years together, from the road trips to shopping, breakfast, drives through the park (sometimes many times a day) ,the pawn shop visits and so much more.. I love that I was just as stubborn as you and u couldn’t do anything about it.. I love you forever and miss you everyday

    Kady Arnett
    August 10, 2021
  • Dear Jerald,

    Michael and I send you our deepest sympathies at your Dad’s passing. We are certain your Dad was immensely proud of you and the family you have raised with your lovely wife Janet (my sweet niece).
    God Bless you and your family.

    Love Uncle Michael and Aunt Susan

    Susan Scheer
    August 4, 2021
  • James was truly a one of a kind. He told me to call him James. I told him ok but Mary calls you Jimmy . He said she is my daughter she can call me anything she wants you call me James. I will never forget when I took him to the the doctor . The doctor came in with a cane and arm in a sling. Jimmy said what the hell happened to you doc. You look worse then I do. I was so grateful for a mask as I was laughing so hard. He threatened to take off during that doctors appointment. When I pointed out I drove he said he would hitch hike home. When I pointed out he could hardly walk down the hallway his response was shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiitttttt. I then bribed him with a “long island” from Dutch Brothers. You will truly be missed by all Jimmy. Until we meet again my friend.

    Jennifer Hanratty
    July 27, 2021
  • Good bye friend. We will have to have another couple Chelates some day.

    It was always a pleasure to see you in my shop and share a beer or two and a few stories. We don’t keep track of the numbers. I remember back when I first met Jerald and went to Camp Wooten together and shortly after that you having the stroke and surgeries and the long recovery, you were a tough SOB, and a great role model and father figure for me. Thank you for all the things you taught me growing up. Jim recovered from the strokes and surgery and was strong as ever. I remember the huge Thompson Contender pistols Jim had when we were in grade school. Those guns were so beautiful and a works of art, those pistols looked so big in our little hands and they were heavy from what I remember. Jerald and I were smaller than the other kids our age but JD never backed down to someone bigger than him.

    I will never forget how much fun Jim and Robert had harassing Jerald and I when we got our left ear pierced when we were in 8th grade. JD and I were called all kinds of names by both Jim and Robert, LOL, not in a mean way, but still, not many straight guys had earrings back in those days. Jerald’s Mom Jean signed the papers for us to get our ears pierced at the County Fair one night, it burned like crazy but it was a lot better than the way we did it at my house several times when my parents were out of town, with a pin, ice cube and a potato and a few beers or shots.
    Funny thing was, about 6 years later, I go over to their house on 17th and Robert and Jim both had earrings in, both of these men had gotten their ears pierced….LOL. I will never forget that.

    I will cherish the memories of you guys riding the Harleys over to my new house and drinking a few Bud Light Chelates in the shop. I am pretty sure that I am the one who turned you on to those. I know that your beautiful daughter Mary and Jack, kept you supplied with them their at their house.

    Cheers Jimmy!!! Gods Speed!!!! Till we meet again. Enjoy the ride. You are missed. Gone, but Never forgotten.
    Ryan Ruble
    A.K.A. – Radical Rye
    A.K.A – Rube

    Ryan Ruble
    July 22, 2021
    Pasco, Washington
  • Jim & his family were like a second family to me when I was young. They would take me on vacations with them & I always felt like another daughter to them. You’ll be greatly missed Jim. I’ll always remember the fun times I had with you & your family. God bless you & fly with the angels

    June 2, 2021
  • A beautiful and wonderful life’s story of your Dad, of which I was happy to have met him once. I hope that you and your Family are all doing well 🙏, thinking of y’all and sending you Best wishes ❤

    Ron Glass
    May 27, 2021
    West Richland, WA
  • My condolences to Jim Brady family he was a wonderful father and grandfather also to a lot of people who worked with him.

    Ronald Buel
    May 27, 2021
  • I love you and miss you. Im going to miss sitting with you and hearing all of your stories, you were the best grandpa.

    Haylee Brady
    May 26, 2021
    Vancouver, WA
  • What I loved most about Jimmy is that he always made you feel so beautiful. He was full of compliments. He was just the cutest. What a wonderful person. I’m grateful I was able to know him, and all of his orneriness.

    Elizabeth Mathews
    May 26, 2021
    Pasco, Wa
  • He was an awesome man and lots of fun. He will be missed greatly by everyone. May God bless you and your family with comfort and love during this sad time.

    May 26, 2021
    Burbank, WA
  • I love u Daddy, I miss u everyday.
    I find myself talking to u all through out the day . U may not be here in body but u are with me in spirit . I have so many awsome memories and that I am forever grateful .. I love u daddy I’m so glad I had the time with u that I did. U are the best daddy a little girl could ever ask for.. u are my bestfriend and soulmate. I love u!!I’ll miss u everyday of my life ! Until we meet again . Please be the one that comes to get me .. I love u!! I love u! I love u!!

    Mary Fromm
    May 26, 2021
  • Hey was a well respected man, a loving dad, grandfather. You will be truly missed.

    Danny Groce
    May 26, 2021
    Kennewick, Wa
  • I love you grandpa forever and always.

    Britany Magana
    May 26, 2021
    Pasco, WA