Kendra Kinlock

06/16/1976 — 05/08/2022

From Pasco, WA

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Sat, May 28, 2022, 2:00 pm
Life Church 7

1110 Stevens Drive

Richland, WA

Kendra Kinlock

On May 8, 2022, Kendra Kinlock (Pixie, Sunshine, Kedwa, Bug, Punkin, Mom, #1 Big Sis, Aunt, Cousin, the Pampered Chef Lady) passed away abruptly and unexpectantly. She was 45 years old.

Born in Richland, Washington, on June 16, 1976, Kendra was the first red-headed granddaughter for both sides of the family and lived up to the meaning of her name, “Knowledge”.  She was a bundle of joy and sassy from the moment she entered this world.  From the minute she was mobile, her head was down and pushing forward…conquering ALL that she came across.  She is the miracle child her dad and mom prayed for.  Born 7 weeks early, God already showed Kendra’s family her fighting heart and determination that helped her navigate her journey of life on this earth.  She had more friends than her family could account for.  She took on a leadership role at a very young age with grace and beauty.  She dove into serving her Almighty God from a young age and shared her beautiful voice with church and school.  Often, she would hold an impromptu ‘performance” at her childhood home in Benton City.  Not a dry eye from the peanut gallery (that often included her Dad, Mom, Unclee, Grandma and Grandpa Bush).  Beauty radiated from Kendra when she played the piano (and yes, even when she slammed the piano), you felt her passion.

She graduated from Hanford Highschool in 1994, and as fast as she could, moved to Kirkland, WA, to attend and graduate from Northwest College (now Northwest University).   She whole-heartedly embraced this next step in her life where God continued to mold and shape her into the woman He had planned.  She flourished!  She found her true calling to be a teacher; and she also found the love of her life.  She married her country-boy, David “Jeremy” Kinlock, on August 1, 1998, in what used to be Richland Assembly of God (now Life Church 7), Richland, WA.  Jeremy and Kendra continued to live on the West side where she was a 4th grade teacher in Everett, WA, for 4 years; started her Pampered Chef career; and welcomed their first baby girl, Mackenzie Raeanne, (also the first grandchild for both sides of the family) on September 22, 2003.

In 2006, the family moved from the West Side to the East Side and bought the family’s current home.  Kendra made that house a home.  You could walk into that house and instantly knew you were a piece of her family.  She welcomes you in at any time; she will feed you; she will take you to her backyard oasis; she will pray with you; she will cry with you; and she will laugh with you.  She’s one the busiest, structured, scheduled woman we can all agree, but she never let you in on that because she was a vessel of God.  Her love language was giving of her time and wisdom.  She’s one of the strongest women we know but is also a gentle child of God.

Jeremy and Kendra continued to grow their family and welcomed two other bundles of joy, Elia Reece on February 10, 2009, and Braelynn Grace on March 21, 2011.  Jeremy and Kendra were each other’s best friends and shared a love that was noticeable by all.  They enjoy each other’s company and share a love of cribbage and coffee (even if Kendra’s was never quite finished and found in the microwave warming for the 3rd time).  Beyond their love, is the love they have for their daughters.  They instilled Jesus’ love and together they have grown their beautiful daughters into God-fearing women that are stronger than they even know at this time.

Kendra is often called by her friends and family as ‘their person’.  Looking at the way Kendra LIVED life, it is apparent that God’s love truly shined through her.  She had a glow that anyone that knew Kendra, understood it is her love for God.  Through the years of growing their family, Kendra continued to substitute teach as well as dove herself into leadership roles, small groups, and MOPS.  These outlets are where she took the opportunity to plant the seed of relationship; tended to them with compassion and empathy; watched her relationships grow and flourish; and understood when a relationship needed the right amount of tending to.

Kendra is survived by her husband, Jeremy; 3 daughters, Mackenzie, Elia & Braelynn; Mom, Dorothy Vowels; sisters, Leslie Brock & Jessica Myers; father-in-law Michael Kinlock; mother-in-law Kathy Kinlock; sister-in-law, Amber Peterson; brothers-in-law, David Myers, and Michael Peterson; nephews Asher Brock and Blake Peterson; niece Amy Peterson; and ex-brother-in-law Jeremy Brock.  At a future date, her husband and daughters will scatter her ashes in Maui where she loved to be at the beach.

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Kendra Kinlock

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  • Oh my goodness. I just saw the notice of Kendra’s passing. She was truly a wonderful person. I had Pampered Chef parties with her when I lived in WA. I also had several online Pampered Chef parties in the early 2010s. I will always remember Kendra when I use my Psmpered Chef items in FL now!

    Carolyn Perkins
    June 19, 2022
  • Words are so hard to find to express what is in my heart for this gorgeous gift from God to Chris and Dorothy Vowels. Lord give me the words…
    I only knew Kendra as a baby where Dorothy and I met at a church in West Richland when our kids were very young and in early grade school . Our girls, attending the same school and the same age became friends.
    I know Dorothy has endured more than could be expected from a widow and now losing her daughter to the Lord. She was my best friend way back then. She spoke very highly of Kendra recently and I believe God had His blessings covering her.
    It is so hard to know what God’s plans are for our lives and we will see each other again in the Kingdom God has in store for us. But, the pain and anguish are the hardest to bear when it comes to losing your child, the one who first appeared on this earth in Dorothy’s womb and to whom will always and all ways be bonded in life as in death.
    Oh Lord God I thank you for giving Kendra a joyful and peaceful entry into your Home. Oh Lord, I pray that you bless Dorothy through the coming grief with your assurance that all will be well according to Your Holy will. Give her the healing from all sources known to You to help her and give her peace and,Eventually joy that she deserves.
    God bless your entire family Kendra, and especially you. My prayers are with you.
    With my love,
    Maria Bell

    June 1, 2022
  • All who knew her loved her. She was such a kind and loving soul. She will be greatly missed.

    May 31, 2022
  • I met Kendra when we worked at EMS, we quickly became friends. Jeremy and Kendra attended our engagement dinner. I will forever remember your kindness and friendship. You left a lasting a impression in many. We are thankful for the time we had. You will be missed. Rest In Peace.

    Alejandra & Gustavo Barraza
    May 29, 2022
    West Richland
  • I met you through your Uncle Lee, you were such a dear and kept me updated with his progress when he was in the hospital and rehab. Lee and I were Col- Hi (RHS) grads from Class of ‘68. My heart breaks for your mom, Dorothy, and your sisters. Your dear husband and daughters will be lost without you. It is difficult to think of you being on the other side so early in your life. You will be miss by so many lives you have touched. 🙏🏻💕

    Karen Cowan
    May 28, 2022
    West Richland WA
  • I met Kendra when she started coming to our home to pick raspberries, when her girls were very young. One year I couldn’t do raspberries because of my quad accident. She was adamant she come into my bedroom & make sure I was okay. Always thinking of others.
    I wish I had told her that I think she was the best mom. She was so supportive and proud of her girls. Instilling such strong values.
    I’m going to miss sitting on the porch visiting after picking. Raspberry season will never be the same without you, my friend.

    Cindy McGuire
    May 28, 2022
  • The loss of such a radiant soul sent shockwaves half way across the world. Memories from youth group, camps, and hanging out flooded my mind.

    Dorothy, Leslie, Jessica, Jeremy, the Kinlock kids… my heart breaks for you and my prayers are with you in this time.

    1 Thess. 4:13-18.

    Chad Elliott
    May 28, 2022
  • While our lives intersected for a relatively short time, I am truly thankful to have shared those early years of friendship and laughter with Kendra. I will always remember how her inner joy and kindness radiated to & enriched everyone around her. We are all better for having known and spent time with Kendra, and I take solace in having been granted that gift.

    My deepest condolences and love to her family and friends.

    Until we meet again…

    Cameron Elliott
    May 27, 2022
    Seattle, WA
  • Kendra you will be missed beyond words. I can’t even see theu the tears as I type this. You were my first Pampered Chef Lady, but you were my favorite. You made life more fun when you were around. When you had your little ones and came into my office you were always so gracious. I have continued to follow you on Facebook. Watching your celebrations and sorrow thru the years. I am so deeply grateful for your friendship and love. Even when it had been quite a while since we had seen each other. To Kendra’s family, I am so so sorry for your loss. Kendra was a wonderful and gracious friend to have. I wish you peace

    Shandra Valdovinos
    May 27, 2022
  • My heart goes out to Jeremy and the girls for the loss they are experiencing. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.

    Joyce Willingham
    May 27, 2022
    Richland WA
  • I debated making this post, as it may get long and winded. I decided to post/share for all of her loved ones. Just to let them know just how many peoples lives she touched.
    I had the privilege of meeting Kendra when we moved into her neighborhood back in 2018. She was welcoming, kind and made me feel like I had known her for years!
    In the first couple of years of knowing Kendra, my family and I had two very distinct “difficult times”. The first in Feb 2020 when our daughter was born almost 2 months early (never knew they shared that commonality) with severe heart defects and a Down Syndrome diagnosis. This required my husband and myself to be at the hospital a lot! Kendra reached out and went into action. She organized a meal train that resulted in too much food! Once she heard that, she again jumped into action by asking for donations to purchase us a chest freezer to store said food! We also received monetary assistance and numerous gift cards for restaurants! All because Kendra took action and truly cared! If she could do anything to help, she did! She did this with humility and grace. Never asking for anything in return or even for recognition. The second “difficult time” was on Dec 2020 when most of my family was diagnosed with Covid. Again Kendra jumped in by organizing another meal train!
    Kendra was a beautiful person inside and out! Her kindness was truly unique and inspiring. She will be missed by many and cherished by all those who were lucky to have had her in their lives, no matter how small.
    Sending prayers and thoughts to all of her family and friends. You have a very special Angel watching over you. May you find comfort in these unbearable times.

    May 27, 2022
    Pasco, WA
  • I was in a Bible Study with Kendra for several years and I learned so much from her. Truly, it feels like there is so much, much more that she had to share. I looked forward to running in to her again “some day” and now that won’t happen until eternity. I literally yelled when I read that she had gone to Jesus, it did not seem possible that someone with so much vitality would be gone. Just knowing Kendra, for the little bit of time that I did, was a huge blessing in my life and I will miss her greatly. Prayers to her family.

    Becky Miska
    May 26, 2022
    Richland, WA
  • Kenda I will miss your smiling face, your laugh, your encouraging heart and willingness to love without boundaries ❤️ And always point people to Jesus. Until we hug again.

    Michelle Slade
    May 26, 2022
  • My dear precious first born daughter… You were born to Dad and I with God’s Love and we knew you had a strong calling for Him… You are our miracl6 baby whom God made you perfect in my womb. Even 7 weeks early. You gave us such a scare but we knew God would heal you. Your whole first month was full of miracles… I ponder them and everything in my heart… No one can know all what dad and I know and treasure… You were strong and ready to go when you arrived~screaming not crying ☺️ The nurses named you Lil Sassafras ☺️ You always had smiles and ready to “live life” to the fullest.And a fun spunkiness… A very much loved blessing to us. I loved your singing and playing the piano. My heart would swell..
    You did so much you got the Renaissance Woman award in school. I just can’t write all. Not enough room. I saw you run and jump into your daddy’s open arms and wrapping your legs around him. It comforts me. Your name means “full of knowledge and understanding” and Lynne means “cascading waterfall” All fit you perfectly. Beautiful on the inside and outside…
    This doesn’t seem possible or real… I wish I knew the why.
    I will love you always and forever my Kendra Bug and Dad too in Heaven as his Kedwa…
    Love you forever, Mom {and Dad} 💜🦋💜

    May 26, 2022
  • It was such an honor to know Kendra. I was her Pampered Chef Director for several years. She inspired everyone who she met and spread sunshine in her words and actions. She leaves a huge chasm and it will be no doubt, astounding to see all the people she touched with her life. To her girls and Jeremy and family – words can not convey the excruciating time you are going through trying to comprehend such a huge loss. My prayers are with you and may God surround you with protection and courage as you brave the days ahead. Be sure to feel your way through as that is of the utmost importance. It hurts so much, because you loved so much and she loved you all so much. May you find comfort in each other and may the memories surround you with love. I’m so sorry.

    Barb Hauser
    May 25, 2022
    Los Angeles (formerly everett, Wa)
  • Kendra, you are the kind of person you only meet once in a lifetime. You will be missed by all you’ve touched. Love you always ❤️

    Brittany Moore
    May 25, 2022
    Columbia, SC
  • Your brightness will never be forgotten!!! This eulogy is so beautiful and totally sums what a beautiful person Kendra was sending our love and hugs to Jeremy the girls and the rest of the family .

    Jennifer smith
    May 25, 2022
    Pasco ,wa
  • You will never be gone.
    You are forever in my heart!
    I’ll miss you something fierce my friend. ❤️

    Susan VanDriessche
    May 25, 2022
  • Our hearts go out to Kendra’s family. So very sorry for your loss. Prayers of comfort being sent. She was a lovely person.

    Peggy and Shelly Thiel
    May 25, 2022
    Lakewood Wa
  • We were so blessed to live across the street from the Kinlocks for 6 years. Watching the strong family that she cultivated, as they weather this storm is testament to everything that was stated in this eulogy. She was one of the best people I’ve ever known, and I will forever be better for having known her. All my love to Jeremy and the girls, we’re here for you!

    Mike Brinkerhoff
    May 25, 2022
  • She had the biggest heart. Such a heart for hospitality and she flowed with genuine love and kindness. She will be deeply missed.

    May 25, 2022
  • A beautiful model of what a difference one life can make to all around her. My heart goes out to all of Kendra’s family and especially you, dear Dorothy.

    Norene Eggers Erlandson
    May 25, 2022
    Richland wA
  • Miss you already and still not ok that your gone.
    But i am thankful for the people you put in my life especially through MOPS.
    Its hard to talk about you in the past tense. The best thing is I get to see you on your girls and the everyday.
    I love you big sis

    Jessica Myers
    May 25, 2022
  • She was a beautiful and wonderful person.

    Karlene Dysland
    May 25, 2022
  • So beautifully written. And oh so true. Sending our love and prayers.💕💕💕

    Sarah and Ron Brock
    May 25, 2022
    Peoria, AZ
  • Our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of Kendra. She was such a beautiful and wonderful person. Our hearts are broken for you all.

    Pamela Morrell
    May 25, 2022
  • She was truly a beautiful human! I keep thinking, no! This can’t be! She’s the one that should be leading in this type of loss. It would appear though that her spirit continues to live on and still leads though now through those she touched in this life. (It appears that Mackenzie inherited that leadership quality as I have a strong sense of her sweet strength and determination as the family moves forward.)

    I’m sure there are many wondering how they will navigate without her strength of presence in their lives. She truly left a huge mark on those she did life with, but non more profoundly than her girls. She lives on in and through them and they will carry that beautiful spirit forward. We are so grateful for the gifts she left to us through her family and all of those who loved her.

    Thank you Kendra for the beautiful gift of a life fully lived. You will long be remembered, never forgotten. You left this world a better place. Thank you precious one. I’m sure your already leading others in heaven, all for the better!

    Sending love and healing prayers to all of those grieving this terrible loss.

    With tears and much love,

    Paul and Pamela

    Pamela Donnan
    May 25, 2022
  • I met Kendra through MOPS. She was such a dear friend, encourager and teammate. Her life had so many deep ripples of love.

    Julie Caton
    May 25, 2022
    Brookings, OR
  • Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am to hear of Kendra passing. My heart goes out to all of you. Prayers for your healing.

    Jackie Ragan
    May 25, 2022
    Kennewick, WA
  • Love you sis…

    Brock Leslie
    May 25, 2022
    Richland, Wa
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