Gregory Martin Noble

11/14/1969 — 02/06/2023

From Sequim, WA

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Gregory Martin Noble

Some people have a special energy. An energy that brightens a room when they walk in. An energy that attracts others to them and makes you immediately like them. Our Greg Noble had such an energy. It was his kindness. His humor. His genuineness.

Greg was born on November 14, 1969, in Richland, Washington. He departed his earthly life on February 6, 2023, in Sequim, Washington.
Greg graduated from Kamiakin High School in Kennewick, Washington in 1988. He was a gifted athlete from an early age and received a football scholarship to Lewis & Clark College, and eventually went on to the University of Idaho. Greg got his surveyor’s license while living in San Luis Obispo, California and enjoyed and worked on many projects over the years.

Greg was preceded in death by his parents, Becky and Gary Ripplinger and his Grandparents Dick and Betty Noble. He is survived by his partner of 18 years, Michelle with whom he owned Noble Farm Animal Sanctuary. He is also survived by Michelle’s children Raven Cerna, Nathan Allgaier, Jewel Allgaier as well as his big loving Noble family and his three beloved dogs Roxy, Otter, and Ninja.
Greg enjoyed fishing and hiking, spending time with his animals and teaching skateboarding to Nathan. Greg had an immense love for music and was a very talented guitarist. He is greatly missed.
In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Noble Animal Sanctuary

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Gregory Martin Noble

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  • “Because I Belonged to You All”

    When my dad and mom died, I was orphaned at two.
    But not really so because of my big Noble crew.
    I was loved and raised by my grandma and granddad.
    And they were happy to love me and share life
    with yet one more lad.
    My cousins are known as my sisters and brothers.
    They enjoyed my crazy antics in spite of their druthers.
    Hey Cousins!! I love you!
    What can I do for you?
    I’m always happy to spend time with you!
    I can be there tomorrow probably around six but I have to work and there are fences to fix.
    What’s that?
    Sure! I can come over tonight.
    I just need to make sure that gram and gramps are all right.
    Yo dudes! I love and will miss you, my friends.
    We made some fun memories, sufficient for our young brains.
    I pray you’ll be safe throughout the years.
    And our memories of crazy fun will bring you great cheers.
    And when you hear, “whadup?!” and you’re reminded of my silly snickers,
    Just listen again because it’s really my whispers.
    Dear Chelle,
    Thank you for sharing the many blessings we were given.
    My love for you, the kids and critters was why my life was driven.
    In my final years, you gave me your patience and love.
    And perhaps we’ll enjoy more when we meet above.
    But until then please understand, my body and mind were spent and I had to depart.
    I was just too tired to go on
    And I’m sorry with all of my heart.
    Hey sweetie Lynnie!
    Thanks for all of your talks.
    In the end I was handling something big and I needed your thoughts.
    It was pretty complicated and difficult to figure out.
    Life got super shitty and that’s what it was about.
    I just wish you could have been here for one final hug and your verbal ‘kick-ass’
    That no one else can deliver
    with such love and without crass.
    I tried to work through it but I was just too sick.
    And sadly it was much bigger than another of life’s dirty tricks.
    To my uncle Dan, Babe, and Larry.
    Thank you for being there through my 53 years.
    And I’m forever grateful for your love and advice.
    And I’m sorry for your heart-broken tears.
    I was just worn out and I couldn’t go on
    And it was finally time for me to go and be with my mom.
    To my incredible family and amazing friends,
    There will never be a need to make amends.
    I love and I thank you!
    You always heard my call.
    Rest assured that I never felt alone
    Because I Belonged To You All.

    Lynn Noble Paden
    December 23, 2023
    Eagle Idaho
  • I got to know and love you when we worked together in San Luis Obispo. We all have our demons but yours have become angels with love who have enveloped you with their wings for eternity. May you rest with peace and know you are always in our hearts.

    Sue Wagner
    March 10, 2023
  • There’s a big space where a lot of laughs and music used to be. Greg was my brother. For thirty years, in Washington and California, we bonded over music, surfing, food, friendship, and looking out for each other. I’m going to miss him forever. He was a loyal friend with a true compass, and there will never be another like him.

    Michael Jones
    February 22, 2023
  • My heart aches with his loss but I have great joy and love of this incredible guy’s 53 years with this proud auntie! Greg is the greatest gift that Becky gave to our family and blessed the world. We all have so many happy memories of this beautiful soul.

    Lynn Noble Paden
    February 21, 2023
  • Grief is another form of love. Share your memories and tears of joy and pain with family and friends. I knows words don’t take away the pain of losing Greg but hopefully they find a way to give you comfort when you need it. Our thoughts are with you as you move through each day.

    Lisa & Bill Hedges
    February 21, 2023
    Seattle, Wa
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