Kodi (Kayleigh) Hughes

11/23/1990 — 03/15/2024

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Kodi (Kayleigh) Hughes

Born in Orange, California, Kodi was a bright soul that lit up every room they walked into. They had recently completed their master’s degree and worked as an Account Manager for Interest Media. They moved to Richland, Washington in 2021 with their fiancée Vanessa, where they built a life together full of love and happiness. They came up with many plans to continue working toward their goals, and made huge strides in their life to achieve them, overcoming many obstacles. They had a contagious laugh and made an effort to make everyone around them laugh along with them. Kodi is survived by their fiancée Vanessa, best friend Shanna, parents Debbie and Tim, and brothers Jason and Kyle.

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Kodi (Kayleigh) Hughes

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  • I’m so saddened of the news of their passing. I met Kodi at church at Lake Hills. That kid was hilarious and truly did everything they could to make others happy! I am so sorry for your loss.

    April 15, 2024
    OC, CA
  • Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Kay, a beloved member of our apartment community here at The Mosaic. We are glad to have witnessed Kay’s vibrant personality, and infectious smile, which I’m sure touched the lives of everyone encountered. Our thoughts are with all who knew and loved Kay during this difficult time. May you find comfort in the cherished memories and the love that surrounds you. Rest in peace.

    Mosaic Management
    April 2, 2024
  • I met Kodi at Wild Rivers when we were 15, we bonded over a cute lifeguard when we were working on a ride. They became one of my best friends from then on. They would call me out sick from work because I was too scared to, drive with me to Huntington to sit in the parking lot on main beach and talk for hours, they tried tirelessly to teach me how to change a tire and it never stuck, and reminded me not to believe jiffy lube when the said I needed an air filter, and helped me so much in so many ways. We would go our separate ways throughout the years and then always come back to talking. It was always like nothing had ever changed.

    I’m so sad to hear this news, Kodi was such a loving person and one of the best friends I’ve ever had

    Lauren Wilcoxen
    March 20, 2024
    Long Beach CA
  • My heart is heavy bidding farewell to Kodi, a truly remarkable individual whose presence graced both the professional and personal spheres of life. Kodi’s work ethic was unparalleled; their meticulous attention to detail and effectiveness in all endeavors set a standard that few could match.

    Beyond their professional accomplishments, Kodi brought an incomparable warmth and light to every weekday. Their positivity, humor, and kindness were infectious, brightening the lives of all fortunate enough to know them.

    Kodi’s passing leaves a void that cannot be filled. They will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of crossing paths with them. Though they may no longer be with us in person, their spirit will continue to live on in the fond memories and lasting impact they’ve left behind. Rest in peace, dear Kodi.

    Mindy Raslevich
    March 20, 2024
    Long Beach, CA
  • You literally introduced me to my fiancé. We were out partying and you ordered us an Uber. We hopped in the cute boys car and as soon as I said he was cute you took it from there. That Uber driver is now going to be my husband. I will forever cherish our memories and will NEVER forget you. This life I have is because of you. I love you KODI

    Alexis Button
    March 19, 2024
    Phoenix, Az
  • Kodi,

    We miss you dearly. You brought tons of laughs and stood out, breaking down my usually heavy barriers. You commanded respect and kicked ass in every way. I loved that you out-sassed me – its a tall order. Thank you for keeping me sane and grounded during my work panics ahahahah. Thank you for everything.

    Love ya, “my guy.”


    Rocky IOrio
    March 19, 2024
    San Diego, CA
  • I worked with Kodi for only a brief period of time at Interest Media. Kodi was hyper intelligent, loved discussing intellectual topics, and we both shared our disdain for law school haha. Kodi was an amazing soul who just seemed so ready and willing to take on anything. My heart breaks for Kodi’s family, and I hope they can find peace knowing that they got to experience such an amazing person. I wish I was so lucky.

    March 19, 2024
    Kansas City
  • I keep trying to think of a story that perfectly describes our friendship and how much Kodi means to me, but there isn’t just one story, six years of friendship and countless stories remind me of the amazing human you were.

    I would give anything to hear you say “let’s be honest,” and then talk me off whatever ledge I was on. You had advice, encouragement, and humor for any situation. I loved giving you my opinion on every minute detail of your proposal to Nessa, loved seeing you find your person and begin building your life together.

    Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and dearest friend. I love you.

    Shan Valentino
    March 19, 2024
  • I had the honor of sharing energy with Kay over the last few years through work and their partner, Vanessa.

    Kay was fierce, passionate, intelligent, and such a kind hearted person to say the least. There are no words to describe their energy and the love that they shared with Vanessa and everyone around them because if you knew Kay you knew their energy, their voice, their laugh, and everything about them was larger than life.

    Thank you for always being kind to me and encouraging me when I was not at my best. You made an impact on my life and I will never forget you friend. I know one day when I cross over we will meet again, and I look forward to laughing my ass off with you!

    March 19, 2024
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