Ahna Perin

08/15/2007 — 06/04/2024

Ahna Perin

Our beloved Ahna RayLin Perin, just a sweet 16 years of age, passed away on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in Mattawa, Washington.

Gracious God, We come before you in sorrow and grief, having lost our beloved daughter. Our hearts are broken, and our minds filled with despair. We are overwhelmed by the pain and anguish of her absence. Yet, we know that you can provide us with solace and understanding in the midst of our sorrow.

Ahna Perin was born on August 15, 2007 in Ketchikan, Alaska to Ashley Perin-Sandoval. Ahna’s parents joined together and married in 2013 and became a united family with her father Juan Sandoval JR.

Ahna was a Junior in Highschool and was very artistic and loved to draw. She had a knack for art and even at age 3 and 4 was able to draw amazing things way beyond what we thought a 4-year-old could do! She still drew in her sketchbook right up until her last days on earth with us.

When Ahna resided in Ketchikan, Alaska in her earlier years, she loved fishing and being outdoors. Ahna had ideas of joining the military like her mother and father who had joined the Marines at a young age. But like many teens she was not sure yet what she wanted to do.

She was a caring, beautiful person and a dedicated, loving sister to her 3 younger brothers taking pride in caring for them as well as her dog, Lady.

Ahna believed all lives were equally valuable and loved to volunteer at homeless shelters during the holidays where she could talk to the guests and learn about their experiences.

She was wise beyond her years, taking lessons from the many honest conversations with her mom who was also her best friend. As some say “she was an old soul”.

Her personality was unique for a teen, being humble and passive with regards to herself, yet passionate and outspoken when regards to fairness for, and the needs of others.

Using her artistic nature and skills taught by her grandma Teresa, she would crochet all kinds of things while drinking hot tea rather than soda like her peers.

Volleyball and track were sports she played in high school. She loved the competition and camaraderie , but did not love the Mean Girl personalities she observed in some teammates. She didn’t enjoy making others feel bad, lifting others up and accepting them as they are was her style and she was a loyal friend.

Grandpa ray shared memories of how much Ahna loved biscuits and gravy at Ray’s daily hangout at the Landing Restaurant in Ketchikan. She could really eat them up and we love to think that she can have all the biscuits and gravy she likes and whenever she likes now while watching him at breakfast each day.

Ahna is survived by:

Her mother, Ashley Perin Sandoval – originally from Ketchikan, Alaska and her father Juan Sandoval JR of Mattawa, Washington and her three younger brothers Aiden Sandoval (9), Tighe Sandoval (7), and Abel Sandoval (5)

Grandparents: Ray Perin – of Ketchikan, Alaska; Teresita Sandoval and Juan Sandoval SR of Mattawa, Washington.

Nicole West – Aunt, of Juneau, AK and her children (cousins) Nick Etheridge (24), Ethen Etheridge (17), William West (4) and Amber West (2). Heather Whitesides – Aunt, of Ketchikan, AK and her daughter (cousin) Ashlee-Nicole Hayward.

Also survived by many more extended family on all sides from Washington to Alaska and even Canada.

Ahna is preceded in death by her dear grandmother, Deborah Rose Ward.

The service for Ahna Perin will be held on Wednesday, at 4:00 PM at Events at Sunset.

Visitation: Viewing will be held Wednesday, 12pm- 4pm at Events at Sunset funeral home in Richland, Washington.

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