Lana Mae McDowell

03/14/2009 — 06/17/2024

From West Richland, WA | Born in Richland, WA

Lana Mae McDowell

Dear Friends and Family,

On Monday, June 17, 2024, our beautiful, soft spoken, thoughtful, grateful and kind daughter, Lana, took her last breaths surrounded by her friends and family. She spent the last 3 years fighting cancer, she had a year of reprieve and then in only 8 months cancer took her life. Following her death, she wanted to give her body to cancer research to help doctors find a way to help other parents and siblings not have the same fate. What a gift my daughter was to the world.

Lana loved her family, friends and especially her dogs. She loved being a student and her teachers especially at Wiley, Enterprise and Hanford High.  She loved to read, Harry Potter, Joe Picket books, and many others.  She loved to rock out on her bass guitar, but didn’t like loud noises? She loved to write, play backgammon, “scroll” – alone and with friends. She liked to share puppy videos and insta-recipes and try to make them. She was an excellent baker and a budding cook. She wanted to be a radiologist or oncologist so she could help save others from cancer.

Lana by no means was perfect, she had her quirks and had a rare spicy side.  However, she really was pretty easy, unless recently if you tried to take her water or the opposite during chemo.  That being said, our family lives by a motto: Include, Invest, and Inspire.  Lana embodied that.  She always reached out to those left out or left behind.  She often was the one who got left out.  Often not on purpose and sometimes she chose to be in a quiet place, after-all she would easily get “peopled” out and after chemo, she just often couldn’t keep up and sometimes got left behind.  So, she was always careful to reach out to those left back with her.  She was quick to offer a sweet smile and hello to any and all. She really invested in her besties and those closest to her.  She wrote sweet notes and before a holiday or birthday would already have some sort of thoughtful gift pre-planned bought or homemade and wrapped and ready.  She took time to really make gifts special.  However, she invested in so many others as well.  She has left an impression on so many people, just by her countenance and sweet disposition.  She also lived in a way that truly inspired others. She was always open to share her story and the ups and downs.  Some of which was hard to share, but she wanted others to know.  She wrote notes of encouragement and even did a speech on “Embrace the Suck”, which if you know Lana, was extremely out of her comfort zone. When she went to heaven, I am certain when Jesus embraced her, He said, “well done, my good and faithful servant”.

Lana didn’t do any of this alone.  She has been loved on by so many people who included her, invested in her and inspired her. We have a large community of friends and family that have supported us and her through these last 3 years (especially the “Butternuts”, you know who you are).  We have been blessed by so many others as well, some of whom we have never met. I know several churches out there that we don’t go to are praying for us as I write this. The vast network of people that God has brought together for Lana’s and our family’s sake is unimaginable.  Lana and our family really have been touched.  Lots of love, prayers, donations, and soooo much food! Because of all the love she felt from all of those praying for and serving us as she battled through this journey of suffering, Lana experienced life to the fullest!

She was survived by her parents, Brian and Jodi, big brother Luke, little sisters Laci and Leia and dog Gunner, bonus brother Noah and bonus big sister Darrion and husband Jamie, her grandparents, John and Susie Becker, Rod Hensley, Greg and Patti McDowell.  She will be greeted by her great grandparents and her dogs, Elsa and Bella in heaven.

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Lana Mae McDowell

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  • I met Lana and her family in Hawaii back in October on her wish trip. She was a sweet, quiet soul with moments of sass. Even though she didn’t feel well, she always had a smile on her face. Lana, sweet girl you will be missed! Sending prayers of peace and comfort to your family during this very difficult time.

    July 2, 2024
    Hollingsworth & your MAWH Ohana
  • We are grieving the loss of Lana’s precious soul that had so much left to offer this world and her family, and yet so blessed to have known her for the funny, caring, wicked smart, and amazing person that she was! Lana in her quiet way moved souls closer to God and in the greatest way through her life! Her life and story has rippled the world in such a profound way that her legacy will live on to show how God is good and never left her side until the day he took her gently by the hand and called her home! May her sacrifice never be forgotten and may we keep our vow to continue to out pour love to the people Lana left behind and loved the most on this earth!
    Jodi, Brian, Luke, Laci, and JoJo, we love you fiercely and will continue to show up for always!

    Ryan, Angela, Eleanora, Oliver
    July 2, 2024
    Evan, Ga
  • The love your family shares is beautiful and courageous. It is complex and strong. God will carry you through this loss with His tenderness and strength.

    Your family touched mine in small conversations with Jodi over the course of time and my oldest son went to Wiley with your son. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    June 29, 2024
  • All of our love and prayers. The Rollinger’s (Trev, Meg’s and circus)

    June 28, 2024
  • Lana- your light is so bright! I know you will keep showing us the way home. ❤️

    Kimberly Wageman
    June 26, 2024
  • Not knowing Lana personally but knowing Jodi over the years, teaching my kids, it’s easy to feel we came to know Lana. Our hearts broke when we saw the post she went “home”. Our hearts our broken for the family here and know what suffering of loss is like, but as my family says, “until we see them again.” Lana is healed just in a different way than we ask and know on earth…God healed her when he called her home. So with heavy hearts we send our condolences but as Christians we also celebrate…her heavenly birthday! Big hugs to the family and friends from the Heslop’s

    June 25, 2024
  • Lana will be greatly missed. We would always hug when we met and remind each other that we were in this together. She shared her experiences and tips with me in an effort to help me through my trials. Always thinking of others. I know she is in heaven and I know that she is even more loved there than she was on earth and she was very much loved while she was here. No more pain or suffering. Love you Lana.

    Sally FitzPatrick
    June 25, 2024
    West Richland
  • I didn’t know you personally, but I know your momma. She always talked amazing things of you during Spanish class. You were so brave to share your entire journey with us the last 3 years. Rest easy beautiful girl. Sending my prayers to the McDowell family.

    Lexie Alvizar
    June 25, 2024
  • Lana Mae, you have left an indelible mark on our family. You now know how often we spoke of you, how Casey would come home from school and tell us about you, and how truly inspired he was by you. By your smile, by your courage to find joy. He knew the pain you likely felt so often, but he said you always smiled through it, though your smile seemed harder to curl up toward the end, you still did it. That is the joy we all aspire to know and you lived it so well,-your Mama does,too-and we are so grateful for the opportunity to get to know you just a little bit, through Casey. We are praying for your beautiful family, both prayers of Thanksgiving for the testimony you lived out, and for so much comfort in the hard of losing such a beautiful girl from this life. You are missed so deeply, but we know you are dancing with the angels and, apparently, strumming that guitar (so full of surprises!). We love you, McDowell family! ❤️

    Christine Horner
    June 25, 2024
  • I officially met Lana recently at my elementary kids school (she was there for her sister’s I believe) and my oldest knew of her and had met her in 6th grade through a mutual friend of theirs. I’ve been following Lana’s story though through various social media postings and even though I hadn’t met her till recently, you could tell her heart. That is and was and will always be my thought of Lana. She was kind, funny, and sweet! And she talked to my oldest like she’d known her for years and then continue to talk about how she and another friend were ostriches and why! Rest in peace sweet Lana! You will be missed!

    Merrie (Chloe's mom)
    June 23, 2024
    West Richland
  • There are no words to soften the loss of Lana except to know that she is now in the tender and loving arms of our savior Jesus. May He give you peace and courage to sustain you during this very tender time. You all are in our prayers.

    Sandy & Ernie Chapin
    June 23, 2024
    Burbank WA
  • We have been praying for and with you in this journey. We will continue to lift your family to the Lord for His peace and comfort. ❤️

    Elizabeth and Brandon DeBritz
    June 23, 2024
    Bremerton, WA
  • You are SO loved! I will continue to pray for God’s perfect peace to surround you in Jesus’ name.

    June 23, 2024
    Justin, TX
  • My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time.. I have a few clients that had mentioned your daughter and her battle because my sons best friend has relapsed in his cancer and I guess the correlation..
    I can’t imagine the loss your family is feeling, but your faith seems strong and your daughter sounds like a breath of fresh air! I wish you all comfort and peace. 🙏🏻

    Shannon Reynolds
    June 23, 2024
  • Lana is an amazing young lady who leaves a legacy of determination, enthusiasm, love and inspiration. I’m very sorry for your loss but know you have the comfort of knowing she’s fully healed and walking with Jesus. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family.

    Mary Pitzer
    June 22, 2024
  • I am Tina Taylor’s Mommy . I just lost a best friend of 46 years to C. It amazes me that the sun still comes up and goes down. I pray comfort to you and yours through the Holy Spirit. Love and blessings.

    Dawn Hammond
    June 22, 2024
    Quartz Hill
  • I’m sorry for your loss. It’s been a king road, so mych pain and grief. I can’t imagine the pain for Lana and her family. I pray for all involved for peace, healing and mending of broken hearts. Lana us at peace and no more pain. Cancer sucks especially in children that are taken too soon!!!

    June 22, 2024
  • To say she was an amazing young girl is an understatement. Lana inspired me as her Wyldlife leader to be so bold and strong in her faith despite the outcomes.
    Some of my favorite memories were sitting on a couch at campaigners just chatting with Lana. I specifically remember as she was entering high school and how excited she was for Jazz Band at Hanford. She will be missed💗💗💗

    Jillian Seid
    June 22, 2024
    Kennewick WA
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you. She is one of God’s Angels. Continued prayers and strength to your family.

    Coffman Family
    June 22, 2024
    West Richland
  • I had Lana as a student during Covid. She was one of very few kids who would zoom into “office hours” to talk with me and get help with her math assignment. It always brightened my day and I think it probably gave us both a sense of “normal” in a very not-normal time. I loved Lana’s laugh, her growing confidence in asking for help, and just getting to know her. She was a lovely bit of sunshine in my day. That smile, laughter and bright personality continued at EMS when she would stop by my room to say hi or get a hug these past years. Sending your whole family my prayers – Lana will be missed, but not forgotten.

    Dyan Woodward
    June 22, 2024
  • I never had the chance to meet Lana and despite that she touched my life. More so she touched the life of my daughter Annelise. Annelise had a rough year including a complicated brain surgery, with all the anxiety, confusion, pain, and then the effects of medication afterwards.

    Lana came to visit at enterprise a few months after Annelises surgery. So much of what she shared helped Annelise to heal. When Lana visited Annelise was passionate about telling Lana’s story. I hope you know that your beautiful daughter helped mine to heal.

    I wish Lana could have stayed here, and lived a long healthy life. Thank you for sharing her in the time she had.

    Christa O'Connor
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland
  • May peace find all of you while being held in the hands of Jesus. She is safe and pain free watching us all grieve. She knows she did not suffer for naught. Well done Lana, well done!
    Hugs to all of you

    Karen Shreve
    June 21, 2024
  • I am truly blessed to have met not only the McDowell family but especially Lana. Such an amazing family devoted to Christ. Always willing to open their home for Younglife and let us become family and get to know their beautiful children.

    Kylee B
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland
  • Going to highschool was scary, but i remember meeting lana on the first day, me and her never became close, but i definitely consider her a freind. She always brightened up my day with her beautiful and soft smile. We would have the best conversations about litteraly anything, although Lana and i were never that close she’s made an impact in my life that i will always remember ❤️

    June 21, 2024
  • Lana… you will be truly missed. You have left a mark her on earth, even when you weren’t feeling your best.
    McDowell family, we continue to pray for you all.
    “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Mathew 5:4

    Nancy Smith
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland
  • Beautifully stated! Lana and the McDowell Family are a living testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Brian and Jodi, amazing job raising children who include, invest and inspire as they walk this earth. You have been a blessing to many and an encouragement to more than we can possibly imagine. I am confident Lana’s life story will continue to impact the lives of many and serve as an encouragement and hope for those going through difficult times. How sweet are the words Lana got to experience this week, “well done my good and faithful servant”

    Reeser Family
    June 21, 2024
  • I am so incredibly grateful for the light of Christ Lana always shared through her countenance. Your family has always embodied Christ like kindness and your faith has been an example to so many. I didn’t know Lana super well, but because I know your family through association at Wiley, I have witnessed the journey your family has been on. When I saw Jodi and the girls at Target, I couldn’t help but run over and give Lana a hug and tell her how awesome she is. She didn’t know me, but she smiled that beautiful big smile and her eyes lit up and you would have never known she didn’t know me well. She was sweet and gracious. You are all in our prayers and I hope you will feel the Savior near during this time you are briefly apart from her. Lots of love!

    Shantay DaBell
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland, wa
  • I do not know your family but what an amazing, beautiful child you were gifted to know and love. I am so sorry for your loss but after reading her obituary I would agree Jesus would say job well done my precious child. Hold and cherish her in your heart always. Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony of Lana’s Life. Hugs to you all and my prayers will continue as you move forward dealing with this void.

    June 21, 2024
    Battle Ground, WA
  • Oh how I long for heaven when I will get to know the depths of God’s glory and have a clear understanding of what happens here on earth. In the mean time I’ll continue to pray for your family and praise God for healing dear Lana in heaven. She and your whole family have been an inspiration to us all. Clearly you all include, invest and inspire, this is evident in the entire McDowell family.
    God has blessed me to have a friend in Jodi and watch you all walk in faith with such love. Thank you Jesus for saving and healing Lana and keeping her in heaven until we can all be together again soon.

    Noël Peck
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, WA.
  • Lana… you certainly always made me feel included & welcome in your home. I will cherish the blanket you gifted me forever! I’ve placed it in my happy place (our RV) so I can think of you when we share special moments there.
    Thank you for showing me how to love others!!

    Penny Finch
    June 21, 2024
    Prosser, WA
  • I didn’t know Lana well but having Jodi as a teacher in middle school, i got to know sweet Lana and she was such a blessing! Heartbroken that she left this world so young but overjoyed to know she is dancing in heaven with Jesus!

    Julia Aardal
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, WA
  • Love you Jodi and the rest of the McDowell family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. What a joy Lana was in life and continues to be in heaven.

    Amy Meredith
    June 21, 2024
    Pasco, WA
  • Lana – you inspired many and will be treasured and missed by all. What a beautiful legacy you have left here on Earth. Enjoy Heaven, you deserve it!

    Katie Koegler
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, WA
  • There are some students that we are blessed with in our lives. Their presence, their unselfishness and their heart can never be measured. Lana was absolutely one of those kids, an absolute angel on earth. She left a hole in our hearts, but also a legacy! Rest now in heaven sweet girl, until we meet again.

    Donelle Dorsett
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, WA
  • My heart aches for you during this difficult time. Lana’s memory will always be cherished, and her presence will be deeply missed.

    Isela Delgado
    June 21, 2024
    Pasco, wa

    Wonderful tribute for a beautiful girl. She will be missed but forever loved by all.

    Pat & Jana Lowers
    June 21, 2024
    Moses Lake, WA
  • Lana,

    You left a huge impression in our lives in so many ways. You’re one of the strongest warriors we’ve known by far. The incredible kindness and strength you gave Kahleah, is something we will always caring with us. You gave Kahleah so much grace and education to help her in her journey; while you had your own; and I’m eternally thankful. We love you and your family so much. I’ll always be there for them.
    Thank you for being so sweet, kind and giving.
    Our family will miss you. We will carry your family in our prayers forever. Rest easy with our Heavenly Father Lana.

    Irma Corona K.
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, WA
  • I officially met Lana “Baby Ostrich” earlier this year while undergoing my own cancer battle. Though she was so very young, she was a source of inspiration that hard things could be done. Her positive spirit and loving nature made a huge impact on my own journey. I am forever grateful that I got to meet Lana and her family!
    Sending Love

    Shyla DeJong
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland
  • Lana was such a light in my life as a teenager. I loved babysitting all of your sweet children and had the best time with them. Lana was especially helpful during those times and such a sweet girl. I love your family and am praying for you all during this time ❤️

    Caitlin Edwards
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland
  • Sweet McDowell family,
    I know I often struggle with wondering what sort of legacy I’ll leave- mainly in what kind of humans will my often-failing efforts raise? Will they be kind? Will the love the Lord? Will they be strong? Many times as parents we never get to see the fruition of all of our labor. Many times the legacy our children leave is one we will only know from heaven.
    Lana was many incredible things- but in this time I hope you can feel and see how while she so brightly reflected Jesus- she also reflected you two- and the community that loved and poured into her. A community that prayed till their knees were bruised and fought for her in a strength that can only be described as beyond human capabilities.

    Lana is amazing- and yes it’s because she was her own tenacious wonderful person- but I know that all of the things she was were a direct result of your love, sacrifice, and example.

    In the midst to well deserved tributes to her- I just really felt compelled to write a tribute to You. Her champions. Her fellow warriors, coordinators, encouragers, nurturers, and sojourners.

    I wish we could be with you to celebrate her too brief but truly incredible life.

    You have all of my love, and all of my prayers.

    Margot Gregory
    June 21, 2024
    Gilford, NH
  • Dear sweet Lana you are such a bright light to so many people. I’m glad you are out of pain and in heaven. Be dearly missed. Sending prayers to the McDowell family and friends.

    Jennifer Frank
    June 21, 2024
    W. Richland
  • Lana was and is still such a bright light in my life. Meeting her through upward basketball one year and staying in touch ever since has been such a blessing. She was so so brave and always tried to find the positive side of things during her treatments. I love this girl with my whole heart and have no doubt Jesus said to her,” well done my good and faithful servant.” Sending so much love and prayers💗

    Makenna Bickford
    June 21, 2024
    Kennewick, WA
  • Beautiful words for an incredible girl. Her impact was definitely felt and will continue to ripple.

    The Manleys
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland, WA
  • “In God there is no hunger that needs to be filled, only plenteousness that desires to give.”

    Lana made an impact on all those who knew her. She fought hard all the way up until that precious heart stopped. I should know 😉 The McDowells definitely abided by “embracing the suck” and I’m thankful for a family who always choose love no matter what!

    Love The Brewster’s.

    Paul Brewster
    June 21, 2024
    Pasco, WA
  • Your words are beautiful! All of our love and prayers to your family.

    Gettis Family
    June 21, 2024
    Reno, NV
  • So grateful for the light she shared with others. She had a smile unlike any other. We stand with you in your grieving and lift up many prayers as you move through this time.

    Beautifully written.

    Amy Purvis
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, WA
  • Wonderful words to keep her memory close. She was truly the sweetest, bravest young woman…always facing that awful cancer head on! A true warrior in every sense of the word. We’ll be right there with her and your entire family fighting that cancer fight in hopes one day there will be no more suffering. All our Love! Thoughts and Prayers during this very difficult time.

    The Dezembers
    June 21, 2024
    Richland, Wa
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Lana was so brave. Hugs and prayers ❤️

    Lori Peters
    June 21, 2024
    Pasco WA
  • Precious Lana had the sweetest smile and such a kind spirit. Thankful for the time spent with her and all of her family the past few years. We may live many miles apart but our hearts are there with you

    Mary Murray
    June 21, 2024
    Greenbrier, AR
  • Lana was a terrific kid. Beautiful and smart, she liked to compete and was fun to be around. Despite the pain and suffering, she maintained a positive attitude. Cancer is a cruel painful disease. We should all help fight it. Lana would appreciate that.

    Greg McDowell
    June 21, 2024
    West Richland
  • Wonderful tribute. So sorry for your loss.

    Kevin Ryan
    June 20, 2024
    Mill Creek, WA
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